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Buying GuideColored Contacts Daily Wear

8 Top Colored Contacts for Light Eyes That Look Amazing

Colored contacts have become increasingly popular as a way to enhance or completely change one's eye color. While people with dark eyes often seek colored contacts to achieve a lighter eye color, those with light eyes may want to experiment with different shades or intensify their natural eye color. Choosing the right colored contacts for light eyes is…

Buying GuideColored Contacts Daily WearMakeup With Colored Contacts

How to Enhance the Color of Your Hazel Eyes: Makeup, Wardrobe, and Colored Contacts

Hazel eyes are often considered one of the most unique and captivating eye colors. With a mix of green, brown, and gold hues, they possess a depth and complexity that can be truly mesmerizing. In this blog post, we will explore different ways to enhance the color of hazel eyes, from makeup techniques to using colored contacts, and…

Color Contact Lens Basic Info

Color Contact Lens Basic Info

Can Colored Contacts Damage Your Eyes? Common Mistakes Revealed

Colored contacts are a popular fashion accessory that can dramatically change your look. But the question, "Can colored contacts damage eyes?" is a concern many users share. To ensure eye safety, it's essential to understand proper colored contact use. Table of contentsDon't Share Your Colored ContactsAvoid Napping in Your Colored ContactsKeep Your Colored Contacts Away from WaterAvoid Topping…

Color Contact Lens Basic InfoColored Contacts FAQCommon Problem With Colored Contact LensPreventing Health Risks Associated with Colored Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Base Curve – What Is & How Importance Is It?

Contact lenses have become a popular choice for millions of people worldwide, offering a convenient and versatile alternative to glasses. Choosing the right contact lens base curve is essential for ensuring comfort, clear vision, and maintaining eye health. In this article, we will explore the importance of contact lens base curve and how to choose the correct one,…

Colored Contact Lens

Common Problem With Colored Contact Lens

PCOS and Dry Eye – How To Manage Contact Lens Wear

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal condition afflicting women of childbearing age. The worldwide prevalence of PCOS goes as high as 48%. The challenges associated with this condition usually relate to skin health or fertility; however, it can also affect women's eyes, leading to uncomfortable conditions like dry eye, making wearing contact lenses more difficult. Table…

Colored Contacts Daily WearMakeup With Colored Contacts

What’s Scarlett Johansson’s Eyes Color? How to Look Like Her?

Delving into the captivating world of Scarlett Johansson often begins with a question: what color are Scarlett Johansson's eyes? Unveiling this enchanting mystery reveals a mesmerizing truth—Scarlett Johansson possesses a pair of striking green eyes, adding depth and allure to her timeless elegance. Table of contentsWhat's Scarlett Johansson's Eyes Color?How to Look Like Scarlett Johansson? Step By Step…

Colored Contacts Care & Maintenance

how often should you change your contact lens
Colored Contacts Care & Maintenance

Contact Lens Maintenance: How often should you Change your Contact Lens?

How frequently should I replace my contacts? This is a typical question, especially if you're new to using contacts. However, as more and more types of connections have been available, the solution has gotten more complicated. Some contacts are replaced every two weeks, others every month, and still others are replaced every day! It's critical to understand the…

Colored Contacts Care & Maintenance

What Smokers Can Do To Preserve Their Contact Lenses (And Care For Their Eyes)

Smoking is notoriously bad for your physical health, as it is often linked to severe health conditions such as cancer. However, smoking is also detrimental to your eye health. In fact, fewer than 10% of smokers realise smoking can affect their eye health, compared to 92% of smokers associating the habit with lung cancer and 87% identifying a link…

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