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5 Important Tips to Prevent Vision Loss for Contact Lens Wearers


You only get vision once in your life, guarding which is your ultimate responsibility. To maintain your eye sight; you need to practice healthy hygiene, abandon your vices & eat a balanced diet. If you yearn for 6/6 vision follow the tips given below

1.Avoid Junk Food

Junk food that is high in sugar and carbohydrates donโ€™t only cause you gain weight but also damage vessels in your eyes. Food high in cholesterol and processed food such as pizza, doughnuts & burgers lead to fatty deposits in the eyes and deteriorate vision. Eat healthy & green leafy vegetables.

2.Avoid Technology

Take a break from technology. Continuously staring at digital screens lead to eye strain that is painful and further affects contact lens tolerance. Wearing contact lenses & playing video games can cause a havoc as it slows down the rate of blinking which lays a negative impact on the tear film. When in doubt, remove contact lenses & take a break from technology for a while.

3.Keep your Eyes Healthy

Drink plenty of water to help your eyes stay hydrated. If something gets into eyes, wash them using copious water instead of rubbing them with your grubby fingers. When keeping contact lenses in routine, take an extra mile towards ocular health by using quality lubricating drops. You can occasionally instill rose extract for a soothing & relaxing effect to help your eyes combat against scorching sun.

4.Follow up Eye Exam

This should be your priority. An eye exam that includes analyzing over-all health including how your eyes are performing against contact lenses is mandatory once every year. An eye doctor is the only one to assess if any under lying infections are soon to sprout.

5.Take your Prosthetic Devices Seriously

Eye accessories are no joke. Whether you wear contact lenses or glasses, take care of them like a pro. Eye glasses are very delicate & so are prone to breakage. Cleaning them with just anything available at hand may scratch the surface of the eye which can blur your glasses affecting your vision. Similarly, contact lenses should never be cleaned with water or saliva. Always clean them using a multipurpose solution or follow the directions that come along with your contact lenses.


Last but not the least donโ€™t ignore any sudden changes you notice in your eyes. Symptoms such as sudden vision loss, glare, sensitivity to light, hazy and or blurred vision, floaters etc. warrant immediate medical attention. Keep your hand cleaned and disinfected when handling contact lenses. Take care of your contact lens cases & replace them as recommended.