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How To Remove Contact Lenses Properly & Easily

One of the issues that first-time contact lens wearers have is how to remove their soft contact lenses. This can be a daunting prospect for first-time wearers, and even long-time wearers of contact lenses sometimes find it difficult to do so. 

Removing your contact lenses requires a lot of practice in order to get a quick and easy technique down. Don’t worry if you’re having a little trouble at first because that’s entirely normal. 

Today, we’re helping you out with some tips that will make the process, as well as all your routines a little smoother. 

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Before You Remove Your Soft Contact Lenses

How To Remove Contact Lenses

One of the most important things you should do is to always wash your hands first. This is in order to avoid dry eyes or eye infections caused by harmful bacteria. Remember to wipe your hands dry, which can give you a better grip, as well as to minimize the amount of water that gets on your lenses. 

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Another important tip that you should remember is starting with the same eye every time (or even put on). This reduces the chances of putting your contacts in the wrong eye. 

It’s also good to keep your contact lens solution, eye drops, contact lens case and anything else you’ll need handy, so you won’t need to reach for them. 

How To Remove Contact Lenses

How To Remove Contact Lenses
How To Remove Contact Lenses

Time needed: 1 minute

Step by step to removing your contact lenses

  1. Lift your eyelids

    Use the middle finger of your dominant hand to gently pull down your lower eyelid, then use your non-dominant middle finger to pull up your upper eyelid, while holding your eyelashes against your eyebrow.

  2. Pinch your contact lens off

    Place the index finger and thumb of your dominant hand on either side of the contact lens, and then gently pinch your contact lens off.

  3. Slide the lens off your eye

    Look up and gently slide the lens down onto the white of your eye, then off onto your finger. 

  4. Rinse and repeat

    Repeat the entire process for the other eye.

That’s it. You’ve safely removed your contacts with this simple process! 

Other Methods of Removing Contact Lenses

How To Remove Contacts In 6 Different Ways | How To Remove Your Contacts With Fingers & Tools

You have learned the basics of lens removal. But what if you have long nails?

i. The ceiling method

How To Remove Contact Lenses

For the ceiling method, you will be using the same digits you did before. But instead of pinching the lens off, you will use the pad of your index finger.

Look upwards and with the pad of your index apply some pressure as you try to slide the lens towards the white of your eye.  

ii. Slide to the side

How To Remove Contact Lenses

This method works by moving the lens off the curvature of your eye and into the white, where it’s easier to pinch off.

iii. Contact lens handler

How To Remove Contact Lenses
how to insert & remove using contact lens handler

You also have option of using a contact lens handler. This way you do not use your own fingers, but a tool that is specially designed to pick up, insert and remove contact lenses.  This way is often cleaner and more hygienic than using our own fingers.


Having Trouble Removing Your Contact Lenses?

How To Remove Contact Lenses

It might feel difficult to remove your contact lenses the first few times you try , but all it takes is a bit of practice and patience. These are some of the things you should consider if you are still having trouble:

  • Make sure your eyes are well-lubricated. Dry eyes let the lens stick to your lens, and wetter eyes make it easier to lift up the lens from your eye. 
  • There might be some adjustment period needed when you’re starting or switching your contact lenses. Don’t rush it and calmly give yourself time to remove your lens.
  • Slide the lens to the white of your eye, especially if you’re worried about discomfort. Pulling the lens toward your lower lid can also help lift it off the surface of your eye.

If you continue having trouble removing your contacts, talk to your eye doctor. They may recommend contact lens removal tools that can help make the process easier. 


Remember, all contact lenses are ultimately delicate. Following the care instructions provided by your eye doctor and your contact lens and cleaning solution manufacturers is critical to protecting the health of your eyes and vision.


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