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Why do I Keep Tearing my Colored Contacts?

ripped contact lens

ripped colored contacts

It is no fun to find out that your favorite colored contacts have ripped. More than 30 million American prefer using soft colored contacts in order to correct the vision while bringing a pleasant personality change. They are made from soft water loving plastic. Although soft colored contacts are very durable provided proper care and maintenance is practiced, accidents happen. Whether you are seasoned professional or a beginner, you may one day end up ripping your colored contacts which is absolutely both frustrating and annoying. If you keep tearing your contact lenses, you must analyze how you have been handling them. Since they are made from fragile material, one should observe precautions specially when taking them in and out. The below is going to be a quintessential read for everyone who has torn their contacts twice in life.

8 Common Reasons that Rip Colored Contacts

  1. Trim those Nails! Yes, No excuses

Keeping long nails is sexy, we understand your craze but if you keep messing your life, you need to trim it. It is important to handle lenses carefully as jagged edges and long nails may tear your lenses. When putting in lenses, make sure you are using your thumb and forefinger. Similarly, when taking your colored contacts off, you must first slide the lens in your eye to break the vacuum and then take it off using thumb and forefinger.

2. Clean Colored Contacts Religiously but not aggressively

Be gentle on yourself and on your colored contacts. Cleaning colored contacts religiously is quintessential to keeping your eyes guarded against contamination and bacterial infection. However, aggressively rubbing them to get rid of latching bacteria is not something anyone in his right mind will do. Get yourself a no-rub multi-purpose solution to cleanse, rinse and store your lenses. No more rubbing, no more tears!

3. Resurrecting Dried Colored Contacts Doesn’t Always Work

Yes, you can add a few days of life to a dried lens only if it has not fully dried. Trying to resurrect a crumbled and completely dehydrated lens will return you nothing but a scratched cornea. When a lens is left to dehydration, it becomes hard. Upon touching, it may already have lost its micro pieces that could lead to serious corneal damage. Make sure, you are keeping your colored contacts moist even when you are not using them.

4. Keep your Eyes Opened when you Screw that thing up…

Do not screw yourself. Screw the lid only. Make sure your lenses are fully submerged and floating in the solution when you screw the cap of the case. If the lens is stuck on the edges of the lens case, you will end up tearing your lens and causing an irrevocable damage.

5. Stuck Lens? Do not be Rude on it

It could be very annoying to find your contact lenses stuck on the bottom of the vial. It is a very common occurrence, and it happens when contact lenses do not move for months in the storage house. Instead of being rude on life just because of a stuck contact lens, follow proper instructions & take your lens out safely.

6. Do not Be Conservative on Contact Lens Solution

Keep your lens cases full of the solution. This helps contact lenses float in the solution instead of being stuck on the walls of the case or being screwed in the cap.

7. Unfold your Contact Lenses in Solution Only

If your lenses accidentally fold up then unfold them softly and gently using forceps in the solution only. Instead of pulling the edges apart with your fingers, make a pool of solution on your palm and softly try to unfold the lenses as the moisture helps the folded lens to open up itself.

8. Do not Remove Colored Contacts of Dry Eyes

With dry eyes, contact lenses could be slightly uncomfortable. Due to lack of quality tear film, contact lenses do not float on the surface of the eye as they should. Due to this a lens may get stuck on the eye creating the suction. When removing lens of a dry eye, make sure you rewet the contact lenses using contact lens eye drops. Only take the lens off when it starts moving in the eye.

Colored contacts are fun and a source of grabbing attention. It’s a choice of millions and even doctors recommend using soft lenses over glasses due to multiple benefits. They do require practice and care but so do glasses. Make sure you are not over-using contact lenses past the expiry. Contacts with higher water content are comfortable but they are prone to tearing due to being floppier. Talk to your eye doctor or an expert (contact lens reseller) if you keep tearing your contact lenses. Never wear ripped or torn lens. Sometimes it is as simple as changing the brand and or type of the lens.