torn contact lenses

We are sorry to bring into your notice that ripped and torn contact lenses cannot be repaired but prevented. If you have just switched from glasses to contacts for vision correction; chances are higher that your lenses will continue to tear – yes inexperience & negligence towards them result in broken contacts. Continue to read below if you are willing to improve your contact lens practices for a better experience the next time.

Why do My Contact Lenses Tear?

Contact lenses are soft plastic devices that need meticulous care and diligent handling. Pinching them from at the center and mishandling them or treating them roughly while putting in and taking out lead to damaged contacts.

There are several factors that could cause rips, cracks, and tears on the surface of lenses. Check out how many habits from the list below you have to avoid that may help your contacts last the fullest.

Keep your Nails Trimmed

Long nails are the most common factor that destroys contact lenses. It is necessary to keep your nails trimmed and properly foiled since jagged edges may cause scratches on the surface of contacts. If you are not happy about the idea of keeping short nails then better use plunger to insert and remove contacts. Plunger is a tool that is easily available with contact lens kits. Using a forceps you take out the lens that is floating in the solution and rest it on a bowl shaped plunger. After making sure your contact lens is not inside out, you can stick it on to your iris using the plunger.

Don’t Pinch Contact Lenses

Never pinch circle contacts. Newbies often go harsh on them especially while removing and inserting them. Holding on lenses too tightly also runs the risk of damaging them. Hold them softly using index finger and thumb- trust us this will do. They are mere plastic devices!

Make Sure your Contact Lenses aren’t Left to Dry

Contact lenses live on the solution you soak them in. Depending on the water content they contain; they may get dryer quickly. It is necessary to keep a check on your lenses for if they require afresh supply of multi purpose solution. Contact lenses once dried rarely get back to the original shape often becoming deformed/crumbled.

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Can I Still Wear Torn Contact Lenses?

We understand you might have purchased lenses by making a good saving throughout the month but we warn you against wearing damaged contacts. Immediately discard broken pair of contacts and replace it with a new set of lenses. Torn contacts have uneven edges that may scar your cornea. What worse? It could lead to ulceration and permanent vision loss. Today’s contacts are nothing expensive and with a little hunt you could be lucky enough to grab a deal online. Always have spare pair of contact lenses for a rainy day. Annual replacement contacts are no more than $20 that you could cut down even more on cost by ordering in bulk. Enjoy 50% sale on all hot brands of contact lenses while the stock lasts!