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How To Make Slime With Expired Contact Lens Solutions?

If you are thinking about tossing away expired contact lens solutions or over-dated eye drops, you might want to think twice. Did you know you can actually make slime with contact lens solution? Read on & we will show you the ingredients & how to make slime with glue and contact lens solution step by step.

Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

Everything you spend money on, including your contact lens cleaning solution, deserves not to go down the drain meaninglessly. So, why not make use of what is left even though it is already expired.

We here encourage our customers to reuse and recycle. Ignite your hidden crafty talent and recycle the expired solutions to make a giant, fluffy, squishy school slime. Make a fun surprise for your tots at the next science class.

Slime has been a huge obsession not only for kids but also for adults these days. They can’t get over how fun making and playing with it for hours. 

It oozes down through your fingers and flows like a liquid. You can even squish it for fun or stress release. 


Ingredients You Need To Make DIY Slime

make slime with contact Lens solution

Making DIY slime at home is super simple. You can make one using two ingredients:

  • Polyvinyl acetate
  • Borax or Sodium borate

Polyvinyl acetate can be found easily in school glue.

Borax or sodium borate is not always accessible easily in the store, you can use contact lens solution as a substitute ingredient to make slime. 

Meanwhile, do check if your expired contact lens cleaning solution or eye drops contains sodium borate. If the ingredient does not contain sodium borate, you won’t be able to make slime with contact lens solution.

Besides contact lens cleaning solution, you need the following ingredients to make slime.

  • Baking soda
  • White school glue
  • Shaving cream (optional)
  • Body wash (optional)
  • Food dye (optional)

How To Make Slime With Contact Lens Solution And Glue

Here is the step by step on how to make slime with glue and contact lens solution.

Time needed: 30 minutes

Make Slime Easily With 8 Steps

  1. Add white glue

    Add one bottle of white glue into a bowl.

  2. Put in baking soda

    Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda into the glue.

  3. Mix white glue and baking soda

    Mix the glue and baking soda well. Make sure all the baking soda dissolve before you add in other ingredients.

  4. Add food coloring

    Add your favourite color of food dye and mix well.

  5. Put in body wash

    Add one pump of body wash. The body wash is an optional ingredient to add a fluffier effect to the slime. Mix the ingredients well. 

  6. Add shaving cream

    Add 1/4 cup of shaving cream. The shaving cream is an optional ingredient to add a great scent to your slime. Mix them well.

  7. Add contact lens solution

    Add a little bit of contact lens cleaning solution at a time. And if it’s not enough, you can always add more. 

  8. Mix and knead

    Knead everything until the mixture no longer sticks on your hands and the bowl. The mixture should become stringy at first and eventually will form into a smooth slimy texture. 

More DIY Slime Recipes

There are a lot of other slime recipes you can use to make slime with contact lens solution. 

ingredients to make slime

Make More Slime

make slime with contact Lens solution

If you want to make more slime, just double the quantity of the ingredients. 

See-Through Effect

make slime with contact Lens solution

Use clear glue instead of white glue to get that see-through effect. It’s going to turn out very pretty. You will get lighter colors if you use white glue.

Glittery Slime

make slime with contact Lens solution

To make glittery slimes, simply add some glitter to the mixture. Other than that, you can also use polystyrene foam beads or iridescent sequins to add more texture to it. 

Fluffier Slime

make slime with contact Lens solution

Add more body wash or face wash to make your slime feel fluffier. Put in shaving cream for a nice scent. Be sure to pick the one with your favorite smell.  

Colorful Slime

make slime with contact Lens solution

Now, let’s talk about the color choices for the slime. Obviously, for fun, you can choose whatever color you like.

But, similar colors work the best. Similar colors such as aqua, purple, violet and indigo will make perfect shades for galaxy-inspired slime.  

However, if you use rainbow colors, you might end up with plain dirty colored slime when you mix each colors together while playing. Especially when you use white glue.

So, if you want to make different colors of slime, choose your color wisely.       

Fluorescent Slime

To add more crazy variation, make fluorescent slime. Fluorescent slime will glow in the dark.

It may sound difficult to make but not really. All you have to do is remove the tip from a fluorescent highlighter and put it in 500 ml of water. 

The water will be fluorescent after a few minutes. Add the water to the mixture accordingly. And wait for your slime to fluoresce under a black light.   

The Science Behind Slime

Have you wondered how a few ingredients mixture can end up with a gooey slime? 

Well, it is all about science!

make slime with contact Lens solution

When the borax from the contact lens cleaning solution mix with the polyvinyl acetate from the glue, it forms stretchy substances through a process called cross-linking. 

Glue is made of long and identical molecule chains. These molecules keep the glue in a liquid state as they can slide past one another easily. 

Then, when you introduce borax to the glue, each of the molecules starts to tangle and the liquid loses its form. It becomes more difficult for the molecules to pass each other easily.   

Eventually, the mixture tends to get thicker and more rubberier. And when it does, it is time to play!

Have Fun Making Slime With Contact Lens Solution

Make your toddlers experiment with making a slime under your supervision. Let them achieve the satisfaction that a giant fluffy playing slime delivers. 

It is easy to make slime with contact lens solution. Even kids can make it on their own. However, always make sure that they are supervised during the fun time making the slime. 

Also, remind your children to wash their hands after playing with them. Avoid your kids eating or putting the slime inside their mouths.

And, not to forget to learn some science knowledge along the way too! 

Don’t let your expired contact lens solution goes to waste. Apart from making slime, you can also reuse your expired contact lens solution in 9 other ways.

After you are done recycling your expired contact lens cleaning solution and eye drops, be sure you have enough of the fresh & sterile solution for cleaning contact lenses the next morning.

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