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Eye Drops with Contact Lenses – Are They a Good Pairing?

It all depends on what kind of eye drops you are using. Sometimes dubbed as re-wetting drops, eye drops with contact lenses function by moisturizing the contact lenses and hydrating the eyes. With this, the eyes will feel more comfortable, fresh, and at ease for a longer period of time.

Contact lenses, on the other hand, are known to be the more practical option that substitutes traditional glasses. Even though glasses now come in fashionable and trendy styles, contact lenses still seem to be the preferred choice for outdoor activities, casual outings, traveling, and more.

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How Safe are Eye Drops?

eye drops with contact lenses

If you are using rewetting eye drops merely for moisturizing purposes, rest assured that you are all good.

With modern and advanced technology, contact lenses have also progressed tremendously over the past years. These days, most contact lenses are manufactured in a way that allows it to retain moisture, leaving eyes feeling renewed for almost the entire day. It also gives your contact lenses the opportunity to provide a higher level of comfort, catering to sensitive eyes that are prone to allergies and mild infections. Who knows, moisturising eyes drops may not even be a necessity anymore.

What is the best way to make sure that your eye drops are extremely safe to use? Easy peasy – just ensure that it is sealed properly once opened. By doing so, the eye drops will not be contaminated and cause unnecessary harm to the eyes.


Do Eye Drops Expire?

So, when exactly do eye drops expire? It usually expires within one to two years after its manufacturing date. However, when eye drops are opened and used, they can last for a maximum of three months. Even if you are not done with it after the recommended three-month period, it is highly advisable to discard it right away.

The reason for this is simple โ€“ after the three-month duration, there is an even greater risk of contamination in the eye drops. This can be extremely dangerous to the eyes.

You must be wondering, what is the worst that can happen when you use expired eye drops. Well, several issues actually. Using expired eye drops can cause eye irritation, inflammation, and most severe of all โ€“ eye infection. If not treated early, eye infections can ultimately lead to blindness.

Always remember, once the seal is opened and three months is up, the eye drops have to go!

How Do Eye Drops Work?

eye drops with contact lenses

Eye drops are commonly known to aid in revitalizing and protecting the eyes from pollution, allergies, and continuous strain. Eye care professionals would usually encourage contact lens users to use moisturizing or refresh eye drops.

Mainly because it relieves and helps wash away dust particles that are trapped underneath the contact lenses. Once the chemicals in the eye drops interact with natural tears in your eyes, it works its way to flush unwanted debris contributed by the environment around you.

Proper Usage of Eye Drops

Time needed: 1 minute

How To Use Eye Drops?

  1. Clean Hands

    Always ensure that your hands are clean, this is extremely crucial.

  2. Tilt Head Backward

    Get a good position for easier squeeze in eyedrop.

  3. Hold Eyelids Open

    Gently hold your upper and lower eyelid open.

  4. Squeeze In Eyedrop

    Squeeze the eyedrop in, one drop at a time. Make sure that the bottle is not touching your eyes or eyelid.

Also, similar to any kind of beauty care product that you are used to, eye drops should be applied as per what the product instructions say.

Please bear in mind that eye drops, even if for moisturizing purposes only, are not meant to be used as a permanent eye care solution. If your eyes do not react well to eye drops and start causing problems, best to seek advice or consultation from a professional optometrist.

Can Contact Lenses be Stored in Eye Drops?

eye drops with contact lenses

We will give this question a solid NO!

There is no way that eye drops can ever be a substitute to contact lenses solution. they are simply not designed to be a disinfectant. They are an aid to keep the eyes fresh and feeling comfortable.

Contact lenses may not be very suitable for people with dry and easily irritable eyes. For instances like these, this is where eye drops or eye lubricants will come in very handy because it is able to help soothe dry eyes that may be caused by contact lenses.

It cannot keep contact lenses clean because it does not contain the proper chemicals or even the primary function that do so.

Normal eye drops are meant to nourish your eyes and keep it fresh for a longer period. Contact lenses solution, on the other hand, is a type of liquid that cleans and disinfects. There is a big difference.


Eye drops are made for one reason and it is mainly to give comfort to your eyes at most times. So, we would recommend you to use it the way it was intended to.

As for contact lenses, yes they are a convenient answer to a semi-perfect vision for a certain number of hours. However, always remember to keep it clean. If you do not wear contact lenses every day, be sure to wash it anyway and replace the solution daily to maintain the hygiene level of the contact lenses.

Our eyes are the most sensitive and delicate organ of our body. There is no harm in going the extra mile to take good care of it, and to do it right.

Trust us when we say โ€˜Prevention is better than cureโ€™.

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