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Care & Considerations with Contact Lens Eye Drops

eye drops

Eye drops are essential to contact lens wearers with dry eyes. They help relieve discomfort, temporary redness & irritability associated with contact lenses. There are different types of over the counter eye drops available that are known to be very effective. However, in case you have serious ocular complications and infections; talk to your eye care professional before making a switch from one brand to another. Pharmaceutical eye drops are more reliable in topical treatments. In order to protect the efficacy of the eye drops; it is crucial to follow the directions below:

  1. Don’t touch the nozzle of the bottle with anything to prevent surface contamination
  2. Tightly seal the cap after each use to help prevent the evaporation of disinfectant
  3. Always take a note of the expiry date
  4. Keep the container away from direct sunlight & other heat sources.
  5. Do not use if the solution becomes cloudy
  6. Do not instill eye drops when wearing contact lenses if your eye drops are not recommended to be used with contact lenses.
  7. Dispose of the remaining solution after a month or read the date printed. Eye drops that contain no preservatives lose efficacy in a short span.
  8. Instilling eye drops whilst you are still wearing contact lenses, may turn them cloudy causing blurred/hazy vision. Always get yourself only those drops that can be safely used with contact lenses.

Either you get the red out contact lens eye drops, or simply lubricating drops; you must follow the directions mentioned above. You get only one pair of eyes; guard them well.