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Contact Lens Solution Expired? 5 Brilliant Ways to Reuse It!

With the pandemic still raging across the world, you want to stay productive while keeping yourself safe. So you decide to open up your cupboards and cabinets, pull out your drawers and there you see it–your old bottle of unopened contact lens solution is lying at the back corner, long forgotten. Reaching in, you pull it out and find that your fears are realised; there in your hand is a bottle of expired contact lens cleaning solution.

You don’t want to throw it out but at the same time you know that they’re not safe for contact lenses. So is there a way to save it?

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expired contact lens solution

Contact Lens Solution – What Is It?

There are all kinds of solutions available out there and they all serve a different purpose. Cleaning solution is used for cleaning, but not disinfecting, your contact lenses. Saline solution is used for rinsing after cleaning and disinfecting.

And one of the most popular solutions for contact lenses is multipurpose solutions. This is because you could use it for rinsing, disinfecting, cleaning and even storing disposable contact lenses. This ensures that you can use contact lenses hassle-free.

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However, once the contact lens solution expires, it would no longer be safe for your eyes. Using it may put your eyes at risk of infection. But this doesn’t mean that you should throw them out immediately.

What can you do with expired contact lens solution?

Here are 5 of our favourite creative ways to turn this trash into treasure:

 5 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Expired Contact Lens Solution

Time needed: 5 minutes.

5 Ways to Reuse Expired Contact Lens Solution!

  • Resurrect Your Mascara & Eyeliner Using Contact Lens Solution

    You are probably familiar with the disappointment of finding your favourite mascara thick and clumpy, and may even insist on using it just so you don’t have to throw it out. You spend forever trying to accomplish the impossible task of applying your clumpy mascara evenly without smearing. It might even be completely dried out and useless altogether.

    With your expired contact lens cleaning solution, you can easily save your mascara without ruining your look or spending hours in front of the mirror. Simply squirt a few drops into your mascara tube and leave it overnight. The added moisture would help with evening the consistency. When you wake up, you will find your mascara resurrected and ready for use. You can do the same with your eyeliners too.

  • Concoct a new Eye Liner

    If you love to have an array of different colours to choose from when applying eyeliners, you may find it a little costly. You may also be a creative soul who wants a specific shade of colour you cannot find at the store for your latest cosplay project.

    With your saline or multipurpose solution, you can easily solve both of these problems. Mix a few drops of solution with your favourite eye shadow and you have a vibrant eyeliner that is sure to turn heads. You can even let your creativity go wild and mix a few different colours to get a diverse collection of intense and bright hues. All without spending a single cent.

  • Clean your Water Line

    Kajal or kohl may be the quieter of the makeup range but the dramatic look of kajal-rimmed eyes can transform your beautiful eye makeup into a look that is both sophisticated and exquisite—that is if you get it right. Otherwise, your deep and intense glance will appear tired and dull thanks to your faded kajal.

    The secret to alluring kajal-enhanced eyes is to first clean your waterline and your contact lens solution will do the trick. Simply wet your cotton bud with the solution and rub it across your waterline. Your eyes would never again give the impression that you’re constantly lacking sleep but will instead radiate effortless elegance, adorn with glamour and confidence.

  • Clean your Electronic Devices

    Electronic devices are sensitive to harsh household chemicals that you usually use to clean your items. The pH of most household cleaners is either much too alkaline or acidic which can corrode these sensitive devices. Even baking soda, a favourite of nature lovers still has a pH of 8 to 9, which makes it a slightly alkaline substance.

    Since contact lens solution has a neutral pH of 7, it is the ideal product for cleaning your electronic devices. All you need to do is to wet some cotton or a clean cloth with the solution and wipe the items clean. You can finally remove the greasy smudges from your laptops and smartphones without the risk of damaging them.

    You can also use a cotton bud to get to the narrow crevices like between the keys of a keyboard. However, remember not to use too much as the saline nature of the solution can negatively affect your devices if it gets onto the circuit.

  • First Aid

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to quickly address a cut but you do not have your first aid kit available, contact lens solution or saline solution can be used as an emergency first aid wash.

    When it has expired, it could not function as a disinfectant. But it can work as a cleanser and flush out debris from your wound. Please note that it should not be done with a multipurpose solution.

    Saline solution may even work better than water for cleaning wounds, especially for younger children. Cleaning cuts with water will often cause sharp pain that distresses children.

    However, due to its isotonic nature, it neither adds nor takes fluid away from the wound bed, making wound cleansing much more comfortable and a lot less scary.

We live in a world where possibilities are endless and we’re always eager to try out new projects and ideas. Sometimes that can be a little heavy for your budget. Sometimes you end up with too much of something that you would simply throw them out unused.


Saving money and self-expression are not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. With a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can find ingenious use for your expired contact lens cleaning solution and do a favour to both, yourself and mother nature.