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Are Saline Solution & Contact Lens Solution the Same?

contact lens cleaner

contact lens cleaner

If you have just taken a major switch from glasses to contact lenses then let not the plethora of lens solutions worry you. True, taking care of contact lenses could be daunting at first but major thanks to technology that has made it easier to clean, disinfect & neutralize the lenses. As a beginner of contacts, you may frequently hear about saline solution & contact lens solution. Although they may seem to serve the same purpose, they are not interchangeable. Using contact lens cleaning device effectively kills bacteria, remove makeup gunk, protein debris and disinfect contact lenses thoroughly.

What is Saline Solution?

Saline solution is simple PH balanced distilled water with sodium. It helps keeping your contact lenses soft & hydrated. You may use saline solution to soak your lenses temporarily in time of emergency when you are at location where contact lens solution is not available. Saline solution contains potassium and mimics the composition of your natural tears. It can be used to rinse lenses but saline solution is not capable of disinfecting your lenses from bacteria accumulation. Only use multipurpose no rub solution to disinfect your lenses thoroughly.

What is a Contact Lens Solution?

There are a variety of contact lens solutions available. They contain some kind of preservative, a buffer, a wetting agent, a binding agent or a surfactant. Contact lens solution safely disinfect your lenses from bacterial accumulation. It keeps your lenses sterile & hydrated. When not in use contact lenses can be soaked in lens solution as it conditions lenses, keep them wet & scratch free.

There are various types of lens solutions available but not all are created equal. Some solutions are only met to rewet your eyes while wearing contacts, whereas others will rinse your lenses but won’t disinfect. Always get solution labelled “multi-purpose” contact lens solution. It can soak, wash, rinse & disinfect your lenses without you having to rub them.

This “all-in-one” solution replaces all other liquids needed to disinfect your contacts.