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Are Saline Solutions & Contact Lens Solutions the Same?

If you have recently switched from eyeglasses to contact lenses, do not stress over the various selection of contact lens solutions out there. There is no doubt that taking care of contact lenses can be overwhelming but with advanced technology, it is now easier to clean, disinfect, and even neutralize these lenses. So, is contact lens solutions the same as saline? The answer is NO. Today, we’ll be guiding you through the differences between saline solutions and contact lens solutions. Let’s go!

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Are There Similarities Between Saline Solutions & Contact Lens Solutions?

No, there are not. As a beginner contact lens user, you may have come across these terms – saline solutions and contact lens solutions. Although they seem to serve the same purpose, they are actually different in their own specific way.

What is Saline Solutions?

Saline solutions is a simple PH balance of distilled water, mixed with sodium. Its function is to help contact lenses remain soft and hydrated throughout the day.

The saline solutions works well only when you plan to temporarily soak your contact lenses, especially during emergency situations.

It also contains potassium, which plays the same role as the composition of natural tears.


What is Contact Lens Solutions?

There is a wide array of contact lens solutions, readily available in the market.

Most contact lens solutions contain a certain percentage of preservatives, a buffer, a wetting agent, a binding agent, and an amount of surfactant.

Main Functions of Contact Lens Solutions

  • Safely disinfects your contact lenses from bacterial accumulation, which may cause eye irritation or infection.
  • Prevents protein build-up. Protein build-up causes cataracts, which prevent light from passing directly through the lens, hence disrupting the vision.

Even when you are not using your contact lenses, you can still soak them in this solutions as it does not cause dryness, helps it stay moisturized, and is absolutely scratch-free.


The Main Difference Between Saline Solutions & Contact Lens Solutions

Although there are many different types of lens solutions, you must bear in mind that not all of them are created in an equal manner or more importantly, serve the same purpose.

Differences to Look Out For

  • Some solutions can keep the eyes moist or wet while wearing contact lenses.
  • Saline solutions is able to rinse or remove irritants/particles from contact lenses.
  • Saline Solutions is not capable of disinfecting the lenses from bacteria accumulation or build-up as it does not contain any disinfectant agent.
  • Contact lens solutions safely store contact lenses overnight or whenever not in use.
  • Contact lens solutions keep lenses sterile and hydrated for longer periods. This ensures long-lasting comfort too.

You can always opt for multipurpose contact lens solutions that do not give you the urge to rub your eyes frequently. This is the best kind of solutions that disinfects contacts thoroughly and effectively. This way, it will do its intended job of soaking, washing, rinsing, and disinfecting your lenses.

If you prefer saline solutions, you must also rinse it with a multipurpose solutions because saline contains salt and it can irritate the eyes.


Dirty contact lenses can cause severe infection and eye irritation. If not treated or given immediate attention, it could potentially lead to premature blindness.

Now, no one wants that! Just be sure to make the right choice to ensure you have a healthy eye condition at all times. Of course, contact lens cleaning devices are still the better option as it effectively kills bacteria, and removes make-up residue, and protein debris while disinfecting contact lenses thoroughly.

If you are looking for eye care products or other contact lens cleaning tools, we got you covered. Shop our collection here.

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