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Daily Disposable: The Benefits of Wearing 1-Day Acuvue Moist Contacts

daily disposable contact lenses

daily disposable contact lenses

If your doctor has suggested you 1-Day Acuvue Moist contacts you may first consider it budget-ripping. True, daily disposable contact lenses could be slightly expensive even if you take into consideration the money you don’t spend to buy contact lens solution, travel kits and lens cases. The benefits of daily disposable contact lenses still outshine the cons.

What are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

Daily disposable contact lenses are to be discarded each night only to pop open a fresh new pair every morning. These contacts might have been suggested by your doctor for one of the following reasons:

  1. He considers you not mature enough to take care of your contacts like a pro. You could be a young patient or may be someone with a busy routine
  2. You are an athlete
  3. You have sensitive eyes who is prone to catching allergens or air-borne infections
  4. You have had conjunctivitis
  5. You work in an environment that deals with chemicals, fumes & smoke etc
  6. You have dry eye syndrome or an imbalanced tear film

If you have been just recently made to switch to daily disposable the concept may seem alien to you at first. We understand it sound recklessly extravagant but once you understand the science behind you will be completely sold.

Disposable colored contacts that last you months or extend to year are undoubtedly cheaper alternatives but these lenses are usually for people who wear them less frequently. Contacts are wear & tear product- the more you wear them the sooner they complete their life. Unlike daily disposable contacts, those available with longer replacement duration may irritate your eyes or begin to cause discomfort over time.

“As you wear them, there’s a gradual build-up of lipids and proteins and other things that come from your eyes and tears,” says Dr. Stephen Anesi, an ophthalmologist in private practice at Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institute.

“There’s always some residual stuff there, and that can cause irritation, especially for people with allergies,”Anesi says. With daily disposables, “you’re opening a fresh pair of sterile lenses every morning.”

Even if you are rinsing and disinfecting your lenses every day like a pro, there is still some gunk left behind that does not go by regular disinfecting process. You require a special ultrasonic device that scrubs off the debris using non-audible sound waves.

When you are buying 1-Day Acuvue moist clear contacts you are saving money what you spend otherwise on buying a bulk of other products. Above all the realisation of wearing a sterile pair of contacts every day is beyond satisfactory. Do you prefer daily disposable contact lenses or extended wear? Remember, our eyes naturally were not created to tolerate contacts when you sleep, so it is always a better idea to avoid wearing contacts at night – buy daily disposable contacts or stick to daily wear lenses that you replace biweekly!