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4 Things you do not do with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are prosthetic medical devices used to correct refraction error. It is important to practice meticulous hygiene & diligent care with contact lenses in order to prevent bacterial contamination. Using contacts improperly or using products that are incompatible with contacts may lead to severe infections causing irreversible and permanent vision loss. If you have just taken major switch from glasses to contact lenses in order to maintain your visual acuity, the following important points will help you develop a crisp vision without putting your vision at stake.

Contact lenses are usually safe to wear, provided they are purchased from a reliable supplier. As per eye care practitioners, they witness a number of patients every year visiting their clinics with complications arising due to the improper usage of contact lenses. Studies suggest that a child over age 13 is mature enough to handle contact lenses. Some doctors consider it safe to introduce your child at age 8 with contact lenses. Generally speaking, contact lenses have got more to do with your mental age than calendar age.

Things to Avoid with Contact Lenses to Maintain Optimal Health

  1. Do not Go Wrong with Contact Lens Solution:

Always use contact lens compliant solution to rinse your contacts. Please remember there are a variety of solutions available- each meant to serve a different purpose from soaking to rinsing & disinfecting contact lenses. Choose the right solution. If you are not allergic to preservatives and enzymes, then you can replace the cleaning, rinsing solution with all-purpose no-rub disinfectant.

2. Do not Rinse Contact Lenses with Water

Tap water carries a virus acanthamoeba keratitis. Itโ€™s a parasite that clings itself on to the micro projections over contact lenses. It multiplies horrendously and devours human eye ball as quickly as within 24 hours. Even before the activity could have been detected, the damage is done. Do not rinse your contact lenses using tap water or soak them in your saliva.

3. Do not Over Wear Contact Lenses

Everything is manufactured with an expiration date. Nothing lasts forever. Take note of the expiration date carefully and replace your contact lenses on time. Over wearing contact lenses & wearing them past the expiry may lead to severe complications & irreversible vision loss.

4. Do not Store your Contacts in Humidity

Contact lenses & water is a big no-no. Never store or handle your lenses in humid environment. Eye care practitioners strictly warms patients keeping their contact lenses in bathroom. Hot & humid environment is a breeding ground of bacteria which may lead to contact lens contamination.

Prescription contact lenses are meant to help you see clearly but they are nothing to feel scared of. They are used the same way you would use your cosmetic lenses. Nonetheless, cosmetic contacts are also medical devices & should be handled likewise.