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Do I Really Need a Contact Lens Cleaner?

contact lens cleaning device

contact lens cleaning device

Soft contact lenses are prone to protein build up that requires effective cleaning. Product build up from cosmetics, environment, aerosol hair sprays etc & debris from your eyes accumulate on contact lenses leading to cloudy/hazy vision. Although, multipurpose no rub solutions are effective enough to keeping your lenses clean, you may want to add an extra step if you have sensitive eyes, imbalanced tear film, of if work in pollutant environment. Particularly speaking, contact lenses that you replace once or twice in a year must be cleansed thoroughly using a supersonic lens cleaner machine that breaks down lipid & remove protein buildup to maintain crisp visual acuity.

How to Prevent Protein Buildup from Contact Lenses?

Dirty Tear Film & Contact Lenses:

Some people have certain medical conditions that make their lenses turn cloudy/hazy over time. Therefore, doctors recommend patients with sensitive eyes or with dirty tear film to wear daily disposables or monthly disposable contact lenses. Standard no rub disinfectant may not be effective enough to get rid of stubborn buildup. Although, doctors recommend rinsing lenses with hydrogen per oxide if you have had no luck with pharmacy bought lens cleaning solutions, it may cause a burning sensation in some cases. Moreover, rinsing through hydrogen per oxide requires a waiting time of at least 6 hours before you could wear your contact lenses again.

In such cases; besides daily disinfection, advanced lens cleaner kits help reduce product build up in a jiffy. Using ultrasonic soundwaves, lens cleaning machine creates an agitation or scrubbing effect that breaks down the accumulation. It only require batteries, your regular lens cleaning solution & contact lens case.

Use Eye Drops Daily

Thanks to the mild formulation & advanced technology. Earlier using eye drops with contact lenses was not recommended as the formula would turn them hazy. Today, eye drops like “Blink n Clean” from Abbott pharmaceuticals rinse & clean your contact lenses while you are still wearing them. Besides cleaning contacts, these eye drops also increase contact lens tolerance by providing moisture to your eyes.

Eliminate Potential Debris

Makeup particles from eye shadows, kohl while you are tight lining your eyes, glitter from your junkie prom look & hair spray can get into your eyes contaminating your contact lenses. This can cause irritation & watery eyes. Make efforts to eliminate product buildup as much as possible. For instance, hair sprays have a tendency to stay longer in the air. Spraying it in another room where you don’t handle your contacts might do the trick.

Replace your Contacts Frequently

Replacing your contacts as frequently as possible is the best thing you will do with your eyes. Contact lenses are the potential carriers of bacteria & product buildup that could cause severe complications. Switching to a shorter contact lens replacement duration helps keeping them clear.

Contact lens cleaner kit may be slightly expensive but we recommend investing on one if you are an avid cosplayer or someone who wear contact lenses every day for more than 6 hours in a row.