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Ideally contact lenses should provide clear & crisp vision without any discomfort. If you have always been wearing contacts without any complications, blurred vision with contacts raise concerns. Typically it is either a problem with lenses itself or with your eyes. People above 40 and children still in their teens may notice frequent changes in their vision and every time it bothers you, you must get an eye exam to prevent further vision impairment.

Here is How you Fix Blurred/Hazy Vision with Contact Lenses

1.Protein Buildup & Product Deposit

Contact lenses have invisible projections that help them float on the surface of the cornea. These tiny projections latch bacteria, facilitates protein buildup & accumulate product deposit due to which your vision turns hazy. The quick fix is to them out & rinse it using a contact lens compatible disinfectant. You can also use Abbot Blink n Clean eye drops that help cleanse your lenses without having to take them off.

2.Dry Eye Syndrome

Blinking is a natural phenomenon with a soul purpose of cleansing your eyes. With every blink, your tear glands produce a fresh supply of tears that rinse your eyes & help irritants flushing out. The tear film keeps your eyes moist and let your lenses float comfortably. When your eyes are not producing enough tears, contact lenses turn dry and lead to cloudy vision.

The quick fix is to use rewetting eye drops or artificial tears. They make tolerating contacts easier & help you see clearly.

3.Dirty Tear Film

It is not always the quantity of tear film that matters but also quality. Some people have dirty tear film that keeps turning contact lenses hazy. Our tear film is water, mucous & lipid where lipid forms the top layer of the tear film. When your tear film is more oily than normal you experience hazy vision. Try talking to your eye doctor since regular eye drips don’t make a huge difference. This is a chemical imbalance of the tear film and your eye doctor will be better able to assess you.

4.Too Tight Pupil Hole

This is more common with colored contact lenses where sometimes design details may get into your vision leading to “tunnel vision”. It distorts peripheral vision and leave patients annoyed. Some people have dilated pupils and they require contacts with a larger pupil hole. Seeing “Halo” when wearing contact lenses is the verdict that you need a change in design & or brand of your lenses.

There is no point of wearing colored contact lenses if they are unable to provide you crystal clear vision despite ensuring a color change effect. Make sure you are regularly cleaning your contacts and keeping them hydrated. If problem persists, please consult your eye doctor since any changes in vision require immediate consultation.

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