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Why my Prescription Contact Lenses Keep Going Blurry?

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Ideally prescription contact lenses should always provide crystal clear and crisp vision. Unless you are suffering from a temporary eye infection or your prescription has increased, your contacts must never be blurry. If you doubt any of the above factors to be responsible for blurred vision, say cheese! You are covered.

2 Important Reasons for Temporary Blurred Prescription Contact Lenses

Circle lenses can go blurry over time due to improper cleaning & non-stop usage. Patients who use contact lenses daily for 6-8 hours must be very vigilant and careful about meticulous cleaning of contacts. Soaking them in the disinfectant overnight is not enough of a solution. If you suddenly find your prescription contact lenses blurry which have been working perfectly fine a minute ago then either your lenses have deposits or your eyes or contacts have turned dry.

1.Deposits on Contact Lenses

Deposits on lenses indicate bad hygiene practices of the patient. Ask yourself if you have been rinsing your contacts after each wear? Probably not! When you wear circle contacts, proteins and fats from your tear film latch on to the surface of these hydrophilic tiny discs. The accumulation of deposits turn your contacts and vision blurry. Sometimes a gritty sensation is also experienced.

In such cases, give your lenses a thorough wash the following way

  1. Rinse contact lens case & let it air dry face down. Change the solution in your cases that has been resting in your contact lens case since God-knows-when.
  2. Take contact lens in your palm, one at a time. Pour disinfectant.  Using your index finger pad, rub contact lens softly. Rinse it using the same disinfectant (multi-purpose solution) and let them soak in the provided solution for couple of hours.

2.Dry Eyes or Dry Contact Lenses

Some people do not make sufficient tears, hence feel dryness in eyes. As a result contact lenses also turn dry causing blurred vision. When blinking does not help rewetting the surface, it is your eyes that are dry than contact lenses. Try using rewetting drops that are compliant to use with contact lenses.

One in All Solution to Blurry Contact Lenses

Complete Blink N Clean eye drops by Abbot Pharmaceutics re-wet your eyes and cleanse your contact lenses while you are wearing them with just a blink. The chemical formula breaks down the unwanted slimy and oily film that appears and keeps re-appearing when you find yourself vigorously involved in outdoor activities such as sports or in a pollutant environment. Working long at digital screens may also turn your eyes dry. These AMO eye drops can be used four times in a day.

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