contact lenses/hazy vision

Contact lenses are meant to provide crystal clear vision -that’s the only purpose of wearing contacts at the first place. Contact lenses may go blurry over the time due to unhygienic practices, dirty tear film or wearing it past the expiry date. Over wearing your contacts every day may also lead to blurry/ hazy and foggy vision. Find out how to fix blurred vision with contact lenses.

What causes Blurred Vision with Contact Lenses?

Buildup: Yes you read it right, product buildup may lead to blurry/hazy vision with contacts. It is important you disinfect contacts after each wear and leave them soaked in fresh supply of solution every single time until you are ready to wear them again.

Dirty Tear Film: Sometimes it is nothing wrong with the contacts but the hazy vision is an indication of dirty tear film. As some eyes don’t produce enough tears to keep your eyes lubricated, there are some people whose tear film is more oily than necessary. Our tear film is composed of three layers i.e. water, oil and mucous. The oily tear film prevents swift floating of contact lenses due to it obstructing enough lubrication required, leaving your eyes dry than ever. Blepharitis seems to have no permanent cure but the condition may be improved using medication. People medically diagnosed with is are deterred to wear colored contacts but they may safely choose to wear daily disposable lenses.

Weather Conditions & Environment:  Contact lenses are drastically affected by weather and the environment. If you work in an industry with smoke and haze, your contact lenses may pick up the pollutants resulting hazy vision. Similarly weather conditions like smog, fog, wind and suspended irritants in the air contribute to the hazy vision with contacts. Use “Blink n Clean” lens drops to rinse your contacts while wearing them.

Weakening Vision: If you have vision impairment and along with hazy vision, you are experiencing periodical headache and dizziness then it is an indication of vision weakening. Get an appointment from your eye doctor at your earliest.

Although hazy/blurred vision with contact lenses is temporary, we recommend you consult your eye care practitioner as soon as possible. Sometimes hazy vision is a serious medical concern that should be treated right away.