Colored Contacts Care & Maintenance

Is there any Difference between Rewetting & Lubricating Drops?

Although both the terms are used interchangeably; there is a minor difference. However, it varies from brand to brand. Some pharmaceuticals market both the eye drops on the same name whereas the others will have different benefits to offer against each product.

Contact Lenses: Rewetting & Lubricating Eye Drops

As obvious by the name, both of the eye drops provide ease & comfort caused by overly wearing contact lenses. To help differentiate between the two; remember that eye lubricant creates a favorable environment for contact lenses– They are used before wearing and after removing contact lenses to help soothe the strained eyes. On the other hand; rewetting drops are formulated to provide an extra boost of moisture while you are still wearing contacts. Artificial tears make it easier for people with dry eyes to tolerate contacts without any unpleasant sensation.

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What is a Multi-Purpose Solution? Can I use it in place of Rewetting Drops?

Multipurpose solution is actually a disinfectant that fights against the accumulation of microorganisms, fat/protein layer & environmental pollution on the surface of contact lenses. It is also used to soak contact lenses when you are not wearing them. In short; rinse, soak & disinfect your contact lenses using a multipurpose solution. However, not all multipurpose solutions are meant to go into your eyes except few such as Complete Blink N Clean by Abbot Pharmacy. These drops help clear out any irritants while you are still wearing contacts. They also rehydrate your eyes providing an ample supply of moisture. A barrier is also formed between contact lenses and your tear film that prevents dryness caused by early evaporation of tears.

I am Tired of my Eye Drops Keep Getting Expired

All eye drops usually bear an expiration date of 28-30 days. This happens because the preservative they contain lose the efficacy after the said time. Get yourself Complete Blink n Clean eye drops (rewetting, lubricating & cleaning drops). They soothe your eyes, provide an immediate relief from minor redness, inflammation, scratching & blurred vision. Above all, they last you 90 days after the date of opening.

What if I Run Short of my Disinfectant?

No matter in what condition you are stuck, water should never be an option. Contact lenses can be temporarily soaked in saline solution (distilled water+ table salt). Please make sure you get your hands on the disinfectant as soon as possible since saline solution contains no enzyme and preservatives to keep your contacts protected from microorganisms. Play wise & grab a chance to win Blink n Clean eye drops for FREE– You will never be running out of the eye drops again!