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How to use Eye Drops the Right Way: Wearers of Colored Contacts must Read This

Colored contacts & eye drops

Colored contacts & eye drops

There are several brands of over the counter eye drops available. Some claim to provide redness relief whereas others battle against dryness caused by sun, wind, computer usage & other strenuous causes. Eye drops that are meant to re-wet your eyes are actually artificial tears that lubricate your eyes and make wearing colored contacts a comfortable experience. Though re-wetting drops or redness relief eye drops can be used as many times a day as required, precautions should be observed. Using them inappropriately may trigger an allergenic response.

Using Artificial Drops in Combination with Redness Relief Eye Drops

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Though it brings no harm to use lubricating eye drops in combination with redness relief eye drops, it is advised to replace these eye drops with one solution i.e. Complete Blink N Clean eye drops. Basically, these drops by Abbot Pharmaceutics claim to disinfect your colored contacts while you wear them. Additionally they also provide comfort from dryness by lubricating your eyes. They provide a well-hydrated surface on your cornea for colored contacts to float upon. Furthermore, they also provide comfort from redness to some extent.

All Colored Contacts Wearers do it wrong

Eye drops contain a preservative that minimize the risk of infections. Therefore it is crucial to use your eye drops appropriately to help maintain the efficacy of the product.

  1. Preservative tends to evaporate quickly if the bottle is left opened compromising the efficacy of the eye drops. Furthermore, the nozzle of the bottle should never come in contact with your finger pads, lashes or any other foreign element that runs the risk of bacterial contamination.
  2. Usually dryness relief lubricating drops provide comfort from eye strain & general fatigue. They are recommended to keep eye infections at bay. For fast cooling effect you may also try Rohto C Cube with triple action formula. Be careful to read the label before choosing OTC eye drops if you wear colored contacts- not all eye drops are compliant with colored contacts
  3. Contact your eye doctor if you are already using eye ointments. Ointments should not be used more than twice a day whereas eye drops can be frequently used. However, eye drops that take redness away may do more damage than good if repetitively use. ย Always allow a difference of five minutes in between, if you are using more than one medicine/ointments

Consult your eye care professional if you find no relief using the eye drops. Sometimes an underlying eye confection is the real culprit for delayed healing. Only your eye doctor will be able to assess your eyes for further usage of colored contacts.

Bottom line– over the counter eye drops can be safely used with colored contacts provided you get the promised results. Get yours ย for free here. Limited time offer.