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How to Combat Hazy Vision caused by Prescription Contact Lenses?

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Prescription contact lenses must provide clear & crisp vision. People suffering from a medical condition generally known as “dry eyes” may find hazy vision in either of eyes. Though hazy vision is associated with couple of other factors; contact lenses causing blurred or cloudy vision is either a result of “dry eye syndrome” or a low quality & inappropriate “tear film”.

How do I Relieve Hazy Vision with Prescription Contact Lenses?

Deposits on Contact Lenses

When worn longer than the recommended time period, prescription contact lenses may lead to cloudy/blurred vision. This is more likely to happen because of protein buildup & lipid debris. Even if you have been meticulously disinfecting your prescription contact lenses, wearing them past the expiry will not help with unclear vision.

Oily aka Dirty Tear Film

People who have dirty tear film would like to talk to their eye doctor because over the counter eye drops don’t seem to make a difference. The tear film in our eyes is coated by a thin layer of oil that prevents evaporation of tears. Sometimes, the chemical imbalance of tear film could lead to a rare disorder that produces a dirty tear film. Wearing prescription contact lenses hence becomes intolerable. Using eye drops particularly formulated to be used with contact lenses will rewet and cleanse your contact lenses while you wear them. These eye drops are beneficial to patients with an active life style or those with a dirty tear film as they might need to cleanse their contacts frequently in a day.


Blurred vision caused by dryness is most common yet very harmless. Hazy or gritty vision caused by dry eyes usually goes away as you blink and a new layer of tear film covers your cornea. Tears help flushing out the irritants while keeping your eyes lubricated. When tears are not produced in enough quantity or are low in quality; haziness could be experienced with prescription contact lenses. Keeping your contact lenses immaculately hydrated by using appropriate eye drops should alleviate the discomfort.

Note: If blurred vision is accompanied by a stinging sensation with contact lenses; inspect them thoroughly. A minor notch or rip could lead to abrasions & piercing sensation impeding vision. Always remember, “When in doubt take out”.

eye drops for prescription contact lenses
Get the best eye drops for FREE*