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Which Eye Drops Should I get with Contact Lenses?

eye drops for contact lenses
eye drops for contact lenses
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Eye drops make it easier to tolerate contact lenses. Artificial tears or rewetting drops help your eyes produce enough tears to wear contact lenses. Circle contacts need moisture to float swiftly on your cornea. Though dryness affect both people wearing contact lenses and non-wearers alike, discomfort may be more pronounced among contact lens wearers. To help relieve discomfort caused by dryness, digital eye strain & cloudy vision; one must resort to appropriate eye drops that are specially formulated to be used with contact lenses.

Why do I need Eye Drops but my Friend does not?

Not everyone requires eye drops with lenses. People with an imbalanced tear film or with insufficient production of tears usually find their eyes dry upon wearing contacts. Sometimes contact lenses tend to draw moisture from eyes in order to keep themselves hydrated. Using lubricating drops thus become mandatory. This is why some people feel comfortable in lenses with a low water content whereas others will feel perfect in contacts with a higher degree of water.

Can I use just any eye drops with contact lenses?

There are many over-the-counter drugs available however, not all, will ease out the symptoms of dryness among contact lens wearers. Using incompatible eye drops can cause discoloration in lenses & will also turn your vision cloudy.

Which eye drops are best for general fatigue & strain with contact lenses?

Wearing contact lenses longer than usual may cause ‘neovascularisaton’ – a medical condition where your eyes grow out tiny blood vessels in an effort to draw oxygen from your eyes. This medical emergency must not be confused with “eye dryness”. To help relieve redness, try using Rohto Tired Eye relief of Rohto C cube eye drops. These specially formulate eye drops heal burning sensation, itching, irritation & redness caused by digital strain or strain caused by wearing colored lenses more than the prescribed duration.

Can I rewet eyes using eye drops while I still wear circle contacts?

Sportsman or people with vigorous outdoor lifestyle find it hard to take off contacts. Complete Blink N Clean eye drops are ideal for people with a fast pace of life. They can be instilled while you are still wearing contacts. It only takes a blink to cleanse your contact lenses & rewet your eyes. Manufactured by Abbot pharma these lubricating drops are convenient to use & well known for the efficacy.

The purpose of rewetting drops is to provide extra lubrication to your eyes & hydration for contact lenses. They soothe irritation & gritty sensation related to contact lens dryness. Please take a strict note, using wrong eye drops could cloud contact lenses or even damage them impeding your vision. Without the right type of eye drops you even risk potential corneal abrasions. Always talk to your optometrist in case of severe discomfort & use only pharmaceutical eye drops over substandard products.