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Why do Prescription Colored Contacts make my Eyes Watery?

prescription colored contacts

prescription colored contacts

You are less likely to have watery eyes with prescription colored contacts unless you suffer from allergies. If your contact lenses are intolerable leading to dryness, burning sensation or watery eyes; there could be several factors involved. Switching between the brands/ lens material usually help but if nothing makes the difference, talk to your eye doctor.

What could be causing watery eyes with Prescription Colored Contacts?

prescription colored contacts

Substandard/Fake Prescription Colored Contacts:

Make sure your contacts are ISO approved along with bearing other medical certifications from food & drug regulatory bodies. Fake & substandard prescription colored contacts could leak the dye in the eyes leading to burning & watery eyes. Blinking is a natural phenomenon where eyes try to flush out the irritants by over producing the tears which results in uncomfortable watery eyes

Inspect for Notches & Ruptures

When prescription colored contacts that you have been wearing for quite some time begin to cause you watery eyes may be an indication of tiny notches, ruptures or cracks. Sometimes a lash or other irritants attach itself to the surface of the contacts that cause you watery eyes with an unbearable piercing sensation. Removing them immediately & soaking them back in multi-purpose solution helps eradicating the issue.

Watery Eyes followed by Redness

Not all prescription colored contacts suit every one alike. Some people are fine with 38% water content whereas others would have to switch to contacts with higher degree of water. People with dry eyes may also find their eyes watery often times. To combat dryness, eyes begin to over produce tears which is relatively not a major concern. Using lubricating drops usually relieve the discomfort.

Some contacts block oxygen transmission to eyes that lead to inflammation. Changing lens material from hydrogel to silicone hydrogel has proven to show great results.

An Underlying Disease

If you are unable to trace the reason behind watery eyes; itโ€™s time to consult your doctor. Underlying diseases such as trachoma, cataract & glaucoma makes it impossible to tolerate prescription colored contacts. These bacterial infections keep eyes watery as contact lenses stimulate irritation. If you detect that your watery eyes could be associated with any underlying and threatening health conditions, it is suggested to talk to your ophthalmologist at your earliest.