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Are you cleaning your Contact Lenses Right?

contact lens cleaning device

contact lens cleaning device

Do you think you have cleaned your lenses right & they are safe to go in your eyes? Think again! Contact lenses carry potential harmful bacteria that might lead to permanent vision loss, scarring & or corneal abrasions. It is important to clean, rinse & disinfect contact lenses after each use with a multipurpose solution. Unfortunately, the traditional method of cleaning your contacts using โ€œrubbingโ€ method deteriorates the quality of your lenses over time. The deterioration is more evident in case of colored contact lenses. Try ultrasonic contact lens cleaner device to help disinfecting your contacts thoroughly.

Why do you need a Contact Lens Cleaning Device?

You probably do not need a specific device to clean your colored contacts unless you are too lazy to get it done. Professional cosplayers who stock more than a dozen of colored lenses also find it pretty tedious to clean all the pairs they own following the conventional cleaning method. This lens cleaner kit does the job for you in a moment. All you need to do is to turn the device on for two minutes & enjoy the satisfactory sight.

Nearly 125 million people wear contact lenses worldwide & 92% fail to disinfect them thoroughly. This could lead to multiple infections, abrasions & even complete vision loss.

Eye doctors strictly advise to clean contact lenses using โ€œRubbing methodโ€, however it has got its flaws when it comes to rinsing colored contact lenses. Since colored contacts are made using a pigment that is trapped in between two soft layers of plastics, they are prone to fading the pigment. With intense rubbing not only you reduce the life of your contacts but also reduce the quality. Get a no rub multipurpose solution & a smart contact lens cleaning device to help breaking down the accumulation of stubborn product particles from your makeup, protein & lipid debris. The lens cleaner device also effectively removes irritant & bacteria that might have accumulated on the surface of the lenses from the environment.

The little kit makes use of ultrasonic non-audible waves that produce a scrubbing/brushing effect. The tiny bubbles produced by high frequency waves make contact lenses clear again from the irritants & pollutants in a two minutes cycle.

Benefits of Lens Cleaning Device

contact lens cleaner

  1. Crystal clear vision
  2. Improves contact lens durability
  3. No more hazy vision
  4. Easy & convenient
  5. Travel friendly