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Would you Wear Contact Lenses to Fake Heterochromia?

Wojciech Wandzel

Heterochromia is a hereditary disorder that causes you to have one iris different in color than the other. It is considered the most sexist mutation that neither affects visual acuity nor is associated with any other health disorder. Heterochromia may be congenital or acquired. It is a rare occurrence in human beings but certainly very exotic. Though there are many notable celebrities & pop stars who take pride in having two different colored eyes; random public fears accepting the beautiful imperfection and opt for contact lenses or painful surgeries to match their eye colors.

Faking heterochromia with contact lenses

This rare disorder affects every 6 in 1000 but it is getting more common lately. It needs courage to accept imperfection even when it is beautiful. There exist all type of people from those who think having two colored eyes is a creepy disorder to those who would not even resist to budge right in their iris to acquire Heterochromia. With modern day contact lenses & advancement in the technology either way is possible. You can now accentuate your imperfection wearing colored contact lenses or conceal it using the same prosthetic devices. While a set of two different colored eyes work for internet icons & films stars; an obscure person finds it intimidating & troublesome to the point of seeking surgery.

There are a lot of famous celebrities who are known for this distinct physical trait. Yet, at the same time we see instagram models like Sarah McDaniel who seems to fake her eyes using contact lenses for Heterochromia. To be honest; it is a unique but an exuberant condition that help you stand out from the crowd. It occurs due to the lack or excess of the melanin- a pigment that determines the color of your eyes, skin & hair. If you wish to have Heterochromia; you of course donโ€™t need to acquire it by bruising your iris & risking your vision. Don #uniqso2coloredeyes & order your Heterochromia contact lenses today to stun your friends and foes alike! Would you wear contact lenses to fake Heterochromia or would you go the other way round?