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Celebrities with Heterochromia Iridis: Celebrating the Extraordinary-Uniqso2coloredeyes

2 eyes

Heterochromia Iridum is a condition that makes you have different colored eyes or even multiple tones in your eyes. It is a rare disorder that affects every 6 in 1000 but is not associated with a disease or infection. This condition neither affects visual acuity nor does it warrant any concern. People believe that Heterochromia iridum makes your eyes look eccentrically exotic & intriguing. Superstars are often the first one to boast even the weaknesses with proud. It is after the celebrities embracing their asymmetrical eye color that people began wearing different colored of contact lenses in order to concoct the similar illusion.

Heterochromia Iridum comes in three different forms from complete to partial & central being the most exotic and lucid type. Let us have a look at how the celebrities are making an impression with this unique but fabulous eye condition that is simply spell-bounding.

alice eve

Alicia Eve is an example of complete heterochromia with her right eye green & left eye blue. She is a British born actress & has worked in movies like “Star Trek into Darkness” & “Before We Go”

Michael flatlay

Michael Flatlay: He is yet another example of complete heterchromia. He is an Irish entertainer and famous for Riverdance shows. He exuberates with his right eye green and left blue.

shane warne

Shane Warne: Anyone who does not know about Shane Warne might have been living under the stone. He is regarded as one of the best cricketer. He mesmerizes with green/yellow color in his left eye & light blue hue in right.

Alyson Hannigan photo
Alyson Hannigan photo

Alyson Hannigan: She is famous star from “How I Met your Mother” and “American Pie”. She boasts a charming smile with a beautiful set of green eyes. She has central heterochromia that causes one to have different color at the center. Alyson has captivating green eyes with light brown inner rings.

Actress Olivia Wilde at 25th Annual IWMF Courage In Journalism Awards 2014 October 28, 2014 Beverly Hills, Ca.
Actress Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde: She is known worldwide for her unusually fascinating eyes. It is difficult to pinpoint what eye color she possesses because it keeps shifting depending on the light. It is however certain that she has central heterochromia with grey blue eyes and green inner rings.

If you wish you had heterochromia; worry not. It is hereditary in most of the cases but you still have a chance to fake your eyes with #uniqso2coloredeyes. These lenses are perfect to create the illusion of central heterochromia since they seem to radiate the fusion of faded colors from around the pupil. The outer limbal ring is kept subtle so that the attention is drawn towards the enticing amalgamation of hues & pattern instead of the size of your iris.

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