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8 Interesting Facts about Eye Colors you Probably Didn’t know

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Human eyes show variety of colors. It is however surprising to realize that there exist only light brown to black pigments in human eyes that give the iris its true color. Other colors such as blue, green, grey, violet etc appear due to the reflection of light. Check out the amazing facts about human eyes you probably didn’t know

1.Your Eye Color is based on the Concentration of Melanin

Iris gets its color based on the concentration of the melanin found in the pigment. The stronger the concentration the darker the color appears.

2.Two Different Colored Eyes

Some people are born with two different colored of eyes. This is a beautiful genetic mutation that makes your eyes appear different in colors. It is usually inherited but sometimes ocular injuries such as blood staining may also cause sectorial heterochromia.

3.Dark Black Eyes do not Exist & so Do Blue & Green

Black eyes do not exist. Due to the heavy concentration of the melanin in the iris, dark brown eyes appear intense black. Similarly, green & blue pigments do not exist. It is just the reflection of the light that make light colored eyes appear so.

4.Brown is the most Common Eye Color

Brown eyes happen due to the excess amount of melanin in the iris. Brown is the most common eye color among human beings.

5.Violet Eyes are a Result of Albinism

Albinism is a condition that fails to produce sufficient amount of melanin. People with albinism seem to have violet colored eyes that are actually deep blue.

6.Deficiency of Melanin may lead to Red Eyes

Red is the rarest of the eye color. When the melanin is extremely deficient your eyes appear red.

7.Amber & Hazel Eyes

Amber and hazel eyes appear almost the same but both are different colors. Amber color occurs due to deposition of yellow pigment in the iris whereas hazel is a result of green, brown & blue. The moderate amount of melanin is responsible for hazel hue in human eyes.

8.Contact Lenses can manipulate

Last but not the least, contact lenses can manipulate the color of your eyes. From monochrome to multiple tones, contact lenses help you get the eyes of your dreams. You don’t need to calculate what concentration of melanin you have in your eye pigment when you have colored contacts to hit the target. Get your favorite soft contact lenses  for a color transformation & let your eyes do the talking!