Preventing Health Risks Associated with Colored Contact Lenses

Can I Layer Colored Contact Lenses over Each other?

colored contact lenses

Does not matter how silly it sounds, but at least once in life every contact lens wearer has wondered about layering colored contact lenses. There may be several reasons as to why a consumer wants to wear two sets of colored contact lenses at the same time. However, before we get into the debate, let we cut it short for you. Contacts are designed to float directly on your iris. They carry microscopic projections that help them adhere to the surface of your eyes. Layering contacts will either fuse both of the lenses together or the varying thickness of both the different lenses will cause them to keep float in your eyes, (when you blink) deterring the vision.

Why should I avoid wearing two Sets of Colored Contact Lenses at the same Time?

Every brand manufactures colored contact lenses in varying thickness, water content & diameter. Piggyback contact lenses is a serious threat to your eyes & may lead to severe abrasions & ocular ulcers in case of cuts. Furthermore, layering contacts prevent swift oxygen permeation that will leave your eyes dry & inflamed.

People try piggyback contact lenses when they want to change the appearance of their eyes whilst seeing sharply. Sometimes cosers layer novelty contact lenses over prescription regular contacts in order to see clearly during the performance. This is horrendously an irrational concept that gets as gross as it sounds. If you have refractive index errors yet you want a pair of colored contact lenses or Halloween lenses; you better get them in prescription.

In case you are both near & short sighted, you may ask your eye care practitioner to fit you with colored contact lenses and glasses. Another option is bifocal lenses to help you manage between the prescriptions.

Never take risks with your eyes. Always remember one rule of thumb with colored contact lenses “when in doubt, take out”. You only get one pair of eyes, value them!

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