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Can You Layer Contacts Over Each Other?

Can you layer contacts

Can you layer contacts? Have you ever thought about layering your colored contact lenses over each other? In another word, piggyback your contact lenses on top of the other. The answer is NO.

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How Do Contacts Lenses Work?

There are a few reasons that propel people to do so, which include they want to create different pattern or color effects, or they want to save money on buying colored or costume contacts with prescription, which generally cost more compared to clear contacts with prescription. This may sound silly to some, but there are people who attempted to do that, in particular, piggybacked a costume lens on top of a clear contact lens with prescription.

How Do Contacts Lenses Work

To find the answer, first, we need to understand how contact lenses work. A contact lens is a thin, clear plastic disk you wear in your eyes to improve your vision. It is placed directly on the tear film that covers your cornea.  Contact lenses are designed to float directly on the iris, carrying microscopic projections that help them adhere to the surface of your cornea.

Why You Should Not Layer Your Contacts?

Ophthalmologist from American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has advised against layering or piggybacking your contacts on top of another. Here are some of the reasons:

Why You Should Not Layer Your Contacts
  • The two contacts may fuse together, damaging the film.
  • Your contacts may move around your eyes, causing discomfort or deter your vision.
  • Layering your contacts can alter the fit of the prescription lens resulting in blurred vision.
  • It can also diminish how much oxygen your cornea receives, causing dry and inflamed eyes.
  • Improper wearing may cause injury to the eyes, such as abrasion, ocular ulcers in case of cuts.

Instead of layering to achieve your desired look but risk damaging your eyes or causing any discomfort during use, why not look for reputable and reliable colored contact lenses retailer like Uniqso, who offers quality colored contacts and costume lenses at affordable prices.

Uniqso has some of the largest collections of colored contact lenses and cosplay lenses, including sclera lenses to meet every cosplayerโ€™s needs. If you are looking for multi-color contacts, you can check out this colorful pair by Sweety or explore galactic patterns with lenses by Urban Layers.   

You can also find contact lenses inspired by your favourite anime characters here. Some of our best-sellers include Sharingan lens, Yandere series, Demon Slayer series with Nezuko and Tanjiro Kamado, and many more.

Here Are Some Tips on Making the Most Out of Your Colored Contact Lenses:

  • Cosplay characters that compliment your existing colored contact lenses so you donโ€™t have to keep buying a new pair just to match your costume.
  • Practice good caring and maintenance of your colored contact lenses so they can last longer.
  • Get the right prescription from a qualified eye doctor to help you purchase the right colored contact lenses.
  • Take note of the replacement period so you can plan ahead.
  • Always buy your colored contact lenses from reputable retailers with contact lenses that have proper certification to ensure safety of use.


If you really have to layer your colored contact lenses under special circumstances, you should consult your eye doctor for a proper diagnosis and advice before you proceed to do it. You should never take risks with the health of your eyes. Whether you are piggybacking your contacts or not, always make sure you practice proper hygiene when handling your contact lenses.

New to colored contact lenses? Read our Ultimate Guide to Buying Colored Contact Lens Online and find out useful information.

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