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Is it Possible to Fake Heterochromia using Colored Contact Lenses?


Heterochromia is the world’s sexist mutation that introduces different hues in one’s eye without adversely affecting them; when present congenitally. Heterochromia that happens later in life due to injury or medical condition may be an indication of an underlying medical complication that should be immediately brought into your doctor’s notice. Otherwise, when present by birth; heterochromia iridum calls for much attention & fame. People for the same reason wish to have different colored eyes which of course is possible with colored contact lenses. Sarah McDaniel, the rising Play Boy non-nude cover girl; allegedly uses colored contact lenses to fake Heterochromia.

blue hazel

Sarah McDaniel officially claims to have her one eye bright blue whereas the other hazel. Unfortunately, it breaks hearts of millions to realize that she seems to fake her Heterochromia wearing soft contact lenses. The rest of the imperfection is made possible using photo editing softwares as claimed by the social media. Whilst comparing her different photos, it becomes evident that she clearly wears a blue contact lens in her left eye (our right in the image) to create a beautiful illusion of imperfection. Undoubtedly, she has a sexy body that bears lush looks; it is eminent in some of her photos that she wears bright blue contact lens to hide her brown eye.


Clearly wearing blue contact lens

There is a good news for people who want to fake their eyes for Heterochromia as the trend setters have already established an example. Sarah McDaniel’s photos went viral after she was portrayed as PlayBoy’s cover girl for first ever non-nude issue. Her bright blue eye is slightly bigger than the hazel eye- one more evidence to reveal the truth. Contact lenses are made to make your eyes look bigger and wider and so is why her blue iris looks bigger than her hazel one.


Notable difference in the iris of the both eyes

Some reports claim that she has central Heterochromia with her eyes brown, surrounded by a blue ring in one of her eye. Whilst this may be true; we are ethically not making an assumption. Internet is already flooded with her viral photos and so have we shared some to help you make an opinion. Whether or not she fakes Heterochromia; we ensure you faking it wearing colored contact lenses is a latest cool trend which will certainly turns head. Embrace the new trend #uniqso2coloredeyes wearing different colored contact lenses & be the next show stopper!