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Uniqso to Celebrate World’s Heterochromia Day with Heterochromatic Contact Lenses

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Heterochromia is a rare ocular disorder that is fantasized by millions around the world. This beautiful genetic mutation occurs to 6 in every 1000 and cause the affectee to have two different colored of eyes. Heterochromia though is a disorder; when present congenitally is a symbol of no concern. To celebrate the rarity of this mysterious bloom UNIQSO will be appreciating everyone having such gorgeous set of eyes. Join in the trend & get yourself a pair of #uniqso2coloredeyes contact lenses before July 12th!

Fun Facts about Heterochromia

  1. It is usually hereditary, caused by excess or lack of melanin. Melanin is a pigment responsible for the color of skin, eye & hair.
  2. Heterochromia is of three times. Complete Heterochromia affect both eyes causing the patient to have a different color for each eye whereas Central Heterochromia causes one to have an inner ring surrounded by a different color. On the other hand Partial or Sectorial Heterochromia leads towards the multiple tone in one eye or a different tone in sectors.
  3. Heterochromia cannot be cured but can be masked wearing colored contact lenses for the cosmetic purposes.
  4. Many notable celebrities take pride in their distinctive set of eyes. Some of them are David Bowie, Mila Kunis, Christopher Walken, Dan Aykroyd and Kate Bosworth. Check out the complete list of celebrities with Heterochromia
  5. Scientifically proven, most of the infants bear grey color of eyes at the time of birth that gradually changes to whatever eye color they have in their genes. This happens due to the lack of melanin’s production at the time of birth.
  6. Heterochromia when appears in later ages of life must warrant concern. An immediate trip to your ophthalmologist will help diagnosing the potential risk.
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Heterochromia- Calls for much attention & admiration!

“Being called different is like being called a limited edition. Meaning you are something people don’t see that often, remember that”. World’s Heterochromia day is approaching on July 12th. It is the day when you look yourself in the mirror and appreciate the beauty only 1% of the world’s population is blessed with. You can also enhance your heterochromia eyes wearing 2 different colored contact lenses by EOS that are especially bundled to create the illusion of heterochromatic eyes.