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Is Moisturising & Hydrating the Same thing?

dry skin moisturiser

Despite the availability of lavish emollients, scrubs & innumerable face masks; women around the world find themselves incompetent to fight their targeted skin concerns. The root cause is โ€œmisinformationโ€ & lack of awareness. To maintain a healthy skin & texture; your skin deserves to be both sufficiently hydrated & moisturized. Unfortunately, we have used both the terms interchangeably that creates confusion choosing the right skin care products based on your skin type.

What is the Difference between Hydration & Moisturising?

Skincare industry is prolific than ever. We are enjoying the products of advanced technology where the fusion of botanicals & lab created compounds have made sure the production of the best skin care products. It is necessary to understand the core purpose of every product before you include it in your skin care routine. We all understand that a moisturizer is needed to keep your skin moisturised.

What does a Moisturizer Do?

dry skin moisturiser

Does your skin feel dry & flaky despite using a moisturiser regularly? This happens because we have done little efforts to understand that a skin lacking hydration will never be a balanced skin no matter how frequently you slather on thick layers of moisturiser. Moisturiser tends to mask your issues (dryness) rather than treating your skin. It helps seal in the moisture by protecting the lipid layer, responsible to retain & hold moisture.

A moisturiser is unable to penetrate deeper due to its large molecules. It sits on the top layer (dead skin cells) and act as a barrier between your skin & environmental damaging factors. Unfortunately, it does not hydrate your skin therefore despite using moisturiser you will not find your skin improving.

What are Hydrating Products?

Unlike moisturiser that locks in moisture, hydrating products are aimed at increasing the water content of the skin. By utilising the power of humectants such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid and honey you help your skin stay hydrated.

What is a Balanced Skin?

A perfect skin has a balanced proportion of oil & moisture. Human skin is water & oil (lipids). When lipid layer (the top most) is broken due to the increased usage of chemical laden products such as bleaching, cosmetics, UV rays & pollutants; it loses its ability to retain moisture. As a result you find your skin dry, dehydrated, rough and uneven.

To help your skin maintain oil-moisture balance; use facial oils & serums in combination with a moisturiser. A serum is water based formula that penetrates deep down & spot fixes the concerns such as ageing, dullness & dryness etc. On the other hand, a facial oil will help fix the lipid layer that acts as a barrier.

In short strengthen lipid layer using a face oil and hydrate your skin using a facial serum. A moisturizer will go on the top allowing the ready absorption of all the other subsequent skin care products & sealing in the moisture.