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Are Sheet Masks a Replacement of Korean Skin Care Serum?

face sheet mask vs serum

face sheet mask vs serum

Sheet masks are fun & engaging. They make great discussions with skin care junkies. They also help you build a great following at Instagram. But do they hold potential to replace your everyday 12 steps Korean skin care routine? Letโ€™s find out below

What are Sheet Masks & Where do they stand in Korean Skin Care?

Face sheet masks help you achieve results immediately. They are very hydrating & brightening. Soaked in serums that are rich in vitamins, amino acids etc; sheet masks help improving texture, fine lines & appearance of pores. Although they help with pretty much every skin concern, they do not replace other skin care products. You can live skipping on a face sheet mask but neglecting your serum everyday will make a major difference

Why use Korean Skin Care Sheet Masks?

If you already have a strong skin care routine you might question about using sheet masks. Face sheet masks are doused in concentrated active ingredients that help with spot fixing. They are not a replacement but a top up!

3 Benefits of Korean Sheet Masks

There is a face sheet mask for everyone. No matter what is your skin type & how grave are your concerns; you will find a couple of face sheet masks to start with.


Although they are one & done masks, they are great for every budget type. If you find it expensive to invest on a $30 serum, you can begin with the cheap alternative i.e. sheet mask.

2.Quick Results

None could bring instant result but face sheet masks. Did you over exfoliate and made your skin dehydrated? Does your skin feel betrayed because you have been using harmful chemical laden products? Test a hydrating sheet mask containing glycerine, ceramides or hyaluronic acid. Need an immediate lift & bright complexion? Use 24K gold sheet mask.

3.Skin Repair

Korean skin care sheet masks are actually very result oriented. They do feel and behave like a luxury though.

They are made up of hydrogel material or paper. Face sheet masks are different than conventional clay/cream masks that require peeling or rinsing. Unlike conventional masks, they create an occlusive barrier that helps sealing in the moisture. This make the absorption of mighty ingredients possible which penetrate deep and repair the damaged tissues.

Face sheet masks serve every budget bracket. They tend to make an essential step of your weekly skin care routine but fitting them in your everyday routine might be a day dream for many. Use sheet masks to achieve the quick results but do not skip your everyday skin care products if you want to make a difference in the long run.