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Caramel Blonde Hair: Reverse Ombre Lace Front Wig

lace font blonde wig

lace font blonde wig

Blond hair comes in many tones. The most natural looking are the hair with warm tones. Blondies around the world tend to dye their hair warmer with caramel cream touch & toffee tones. This lace front premium wig boasts platinum blonde hair strands with dark toffee caramel roots. The wig is made using 100% heat resistant high quality fiber that almost look natural. Layered cut, the wig flaunts a gorgeous bounce and sexy volume. Enjoy thick hair yet light in weight to carry.

when I put my Reverse Ombré on I immediately fell in love with this type of wigs. it’s the most comfortable wig I’ve ever worn. you basically don’t even feel it on which I found shockingly amazing! the hair doesn’t tangle which I consider a huge advantage because a lot of long wigs have that issue. it’s a synthetic wig but it couldn’t look more natural!  Source