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7 Important Things you must know about Prescription Cosplay Contacts

prescription cosplay contacts

prescription cosplay contacts

Prescription cosplay contacts do not mean you have to present your prescription in order to purchase them. When buying online the term “Prescription Contacts” only mean their availability in vision correcting powers. They are made for a number of refractive index errors ranging from myopia to hyperopia and astigmatism. “Cosplay Contacts” are not your standard colored contacts though. They make use of opaque & bright pigments with heavy designs, meant to be used for theatrical purposes. Cosplay contacts are widely manufactured with 0.00 however when they offer vision correcting powers they are referred as “prescription cosplay contacts” which is obviously a plus for cosplayers and performing artists.

When buying prescription cosplay contacts, you must remember the following

1.Do I need a Doctor’s Prescription when Buying Prescription Cosplay Contacts?

Although you may not necessarily be asked to send in your doctor’s prescription when buying contacts online, it is highly appreciated you obtain one. Having your eyes checked, help you analyze the general health and wellbeing of your eyes and if they are able to tolerate novelty contacts. An optometrist studies your tear film chemistry, eye pressure etc and on his findings he will be able to suggest you better brands. At least you get to update your prescription which is necessary to help you maintain crisp visual acuity. Please be mindful of cosplay lenses sometimes interfering with your vision despite being your exact prescription.

2.How long do Prescription Cosplay Contacts stay good?

Prescription cosplay contacts are manufactured with an expiration date. Everything wears off so do contacts of all kind. Depending on the design and material used, they may last you as long as 12 months but never more than that. Some prescriptions cosplay contacts must be replaced with in 6 months and some meet their disposal time even sooner for instance in a month. Always read the label for manufacturer’s instructions.

On the other hand prescription stays valid for a year or two as per fairness to contact lens consumer act (FCLCA). However there may be several caveats that may shorten the duration of the prescription. For instance a stronger prescription or a medical condition which makes your doctor believe that you need frequent follow ups. Validity of the prescription also varies from state to state.

3.Is Prescription for Glasses and Contact Lenses the Same?

Prescription for glasses and contact lenses is not the same. The lenses sit directly on your cornea whereas eye glasses are placed at a distance of 12mm. Although it’s a minor difference; your prescription for contact lenses include details like base curve, size, water content etc which are not present in the prescription of glasses.

4.Can I get Cosplay Contacts with No Prescription?

Although, contact lenses are regulated by FDA where requisition of prescription is mandatory when selling cosplay contacts, you may still be able to purchase them online without presenting Rx from the doctor.

In United States, when buying from bricks and mortar store it is not permissible to sell cosplay contacts without prescription even if you need no vision correction. This may get confusing since most of the patients are not aware about the difference between an eye test and an eye exam. An eye test only tests your sight for a refraction error where as an eye exam is a comprehensive test that takes several factors into consideration. In United States, the general practise is to perform a comprehensive eye exam to analyze and or prevent any underlying infections and disorders.

5.What is the Highest Prescription Available?

Prescription cosplay contacts are available up to -12.00 strength. Some resellers such as lensupermart takes custom orders and manufacture cosplay lenses in your desired prescription.

6.Do Prescription Cosplay Contacts make me blind?

Although there are risks associated with contacts- corrective or cosmetic, they will rarely make you blind. Some cosplay lenses however turn your vision foggy or hazy temporarily due to the design they boast. Always read manufacturers notice and instructions before your purchase your contacts.

7.I want to Buy Prescription Cosplay Contacts but I am Afraid. What to Do?               

You may purchase your supply from your doctor to be on the safe side. However, the best practise is to believe on the word of mouth. Check reviews and testimonials, refund, exchange and cancellation policy. Be your judge and take the plunge!