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Why do my Contact Lenses Feel Gritty?

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gritty contact lenses

Myth says it that contact lenses always create a sensation of a foreign body in your eye as like an eye lash. Fortunately, it carries no fact and hence remains a myth. Contact lenses should go easy on your eyes without leaving any feeling of discomfort. If unfortunately, you find your colored lenses gritty and or feel them scratching your eyes then look for the below possible reasons.

Contact Lenses feel Gritty when you have Dry Eyes

Dry eyes is a medical condition where your eyes do not make enough tears to keep your eyes lubricated. Since contact lenses canโ€™t float swiftly when the tear-chemistry is disturbed they start scratching your eyes. Try using rewetting drops to make contact lenses more comfortable. The other but promising solution is to use lubricating drops that help your eyes produce enough tears.

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Contact Lenses Feel Gritty when you are Prone to Allergies

Sensitive eyes are prone to catching allergies. Suspended pollen particles, dust or any other pollutant cause itching, irritation and burning sensation. Contact lenses that had been contaminated once may aggravate the condition. Use Blink N Clean eye drops from Abbott pharmacy to clean lenses while you are still wearing them.

Contact Lenses Feel Gritty when you are Over Wearing Them

A gritty sensation is often noticed when you have been wearing contacts for duration longer than prescribed. Do not wear contact lenses for more than 6 hours in a day to let your eyes breathe comfortably. Over wearing contacts obstruct oxygen flow leading to dry eyes.

Time to Replace Contact Lenses

If nothing seems to be the reason behind your gritty contacts then it is possibly the time to replace contact lenses. Contacts are wear and tear product. Sometimes depending on the way you have been using your contacts, they may deteriorate sooner than expected. If you are a heavy makeup wearer or if you work in surroundings that deal with chemicals, smoke or fume; you may feel your contacts turning gritty quite often.

3N Lens Cleaner

Rinsing your contact lenses in an ultrasonic lens cleaning device often helps. If nothing works it is time to grab the fresh supply!