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Artificial Tears VS Rewetting Drops: What is better with Contact Lenses?

artificial tears

artificial tears

As a contact lenses wearer, it is very important to choose your eye drops wisely. Contact lenses may add to the dry eye symptoms as they obstruct swift flow of oxygen. People with dry eyes may notice an increased sensation of burning, irritation and dryness when they wear contact lenses. The symptoms may be more pronounced if they work extended hours on digital screens. Patients with dry eye syndrome often resort to lubricating drops as the first line of treatment to ease the discomfort with contact lenses. However, it is very important to note that not all lubricating drops are created equal. Furthermore, lubricating drops must never be confused with contact lens rewetting drops. Confused about what is what? Continue to read below

What are Rewetting Drops and what do they do?

Contact lens rewetting drops are safe to be used with contact lenses obviously but they work differently depending on the composition. While some rewetting drops coat the surface of the contact lenses to make them more comfortable in your eyes, others will bind itself to the water content in your tear film to keep it from evaporation. Rewetting drops when used frequently enough may sometimes lead to further evaporation and toxicity to the corneal tissues. This is why, using contact lens rewetting drops do not seem to heal discomfort in case you have truly dry eye syndrome.

Rewetting drops/ eye drops are good enough to be used when you feel eye strain due to over-wearing contacts, or when your contact lenses itch or causes a feeling of tightness. There are many different types of eye drops available which you can select over the counter to treat your specific set of symptoms.

What are Lubricating Drops?

Lubricating eye drops or artificial tears work beyond just rebuilding your tear film. They protect the corneal tissues beneath the tear film. When the tear film is not functioning properly or when the contact lenses add to the surface dryness, lubricating drops are supposed to coat the corneal tissue from the friction contact lenses may cause.

It is safe to say that artificial tears have a dual action. They do not only rebuild the tear film and improve the quality of your tears but they also protect your corneal tissues and heal the exposed areas. They keep your eyes moistened and healthy so that your eyes can better tolerate contact lenses.

When choosing between rewetting drops and lubricating drops, the best person to seek help from is your eye care practitioner. Some people are allergic to preservatives found in eye drops. Therefore, always talk to your doctor if you want to wear contact lenses with dry eye syndrome.