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Can I use Eye drops with Contact Lenses?

contact lenses eye drops

contact lenses eye drops

There are many prescription and over the counter eye drops available in drugstores, where each of the product claims to heal a different set of discomfort. Consumers of contact lenses must choose their eye drops wisely as not all eye drops are meant to be used with contacts. Some eye drops contain oil and are fairly thick that when used with contact lenses may turn them cloudy leading to hazy vision. Remember eye drops are available in wide variety. They are used to keep your eyes and contacts moist but must never be confused with contact lens solution that is solely used to disinfect contact lenses.

Types of OTC Eye Drops & their Usage with Contact Lenses

If your eye drops are prescription, you must follow the instructions provided by your eye care practitioner. On the other hand, you would want to play safe when buying OTC eye drops. Over the counter eye drops fall in 4 categories i.e. “take the red out”, “eye drops for allergy”, “eye drops for dry eyes” and “re-wetting eye drops”.

Take the Red out Eye Drops

These eye drops contain ingredients that constrict the tiny red vessels caused by over-wearing contact lenses. Most of the patients happen to like the whiter and brighter eyes after using these eye drops. They diminish “neovascularisation” where the eyes grow blood vessels to meet the oxygen requirement from the body. Keep in mind eyes are the only organ of the human body that draws its oxygen from the environment. Over wearing contact lenses is associated with obstruction of oxygen hence your eyes feel tired, irritated with obvious signs of redness. Rohto Eye Drops Cool Tired Eye relief provide instant relief from contact lens related strain of eyes. It is recommended to wait 15 minutes before you reinsert your contact lenses

Eye Drops for Allergy

These eye drops are actually very complex and are available mostly on prescription only. They may contain ingredients not safe for contact lenses. Please follow instructions of your eye doctor when using allergy eye drops with contact lenses. It is advised to pause wearing contacts until your eyes recover as bacteria might transfer on to the surface of contact lenses.

Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

Eye drops for dry eyes are often called “Lubricating Eye Drops”. They are actually artificial tears that heal the surface of the cornea and make your eyes feel comfortable. They are often confused with re wetting drops however, they do far more than your OTC rewetting drops. Lubricating eye drops or artificial tears protect the cornea beneath the tear film & help moistening your eyes.

Rewetting Drops

Rewetting drops are what you need when you wear contact lenses. They are safe to instill in eyes while you are still wearing contacts. They provide an immediate boost of moisture, keep your eyes hydrated & your contacts swiftly floating. Some advanced rewetting eye drops even disinfect your contacts with a blink. It also relieves minor redness, blurred vision & discomfort associated with contacts.

Do not forget these care & considerations when using eye drops with contact lenses.