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This Single Korean Skin Care Moisturizer Prevents Flaky Skin

flaky skin

It is embarrassing to walk through a party with skin that literally comes peeling off. Dry, inflamed and brittle skin with flaky patches is considered worst for makeup application. It absorbs foundation and shows no signs of improvements to achieve smooth texture with standard makeup products. Korean skin care products on the other hand are famous for being miraculous. Even though Korean skin care regimen is hardcore that emphasizes on layering a dozen of products; using this moisturizer alone by Guerisson 9 Complex will provide smooth, lustrous & impeccable texture.

Before you Proceed treating your Skin, you need to narrow down the Reasons behind

Other than hormonal changes, medication & ageing there are several factors involved that turn skin irritable & sensitive to environmental changes.

Skin on face is thinnest and fragile. The natural oils that form a protective barrier help seals-in the moisturizer. This outer most lipid layer is also responsible to allow immediate penetration of topical products that help retain moisture. Unfortunately, harmful environmental factors from scorching sun rays to cold & humid air, long hot showers & poor skin care routine revolving around substandard & chemically affluent products rip skin off its natural oils. This limits sebum production & leaves your skin dry, scaly & patchy. The condition may become worse if left untreated.

To treat the scaly & dry patches, women usually resort to anti-inflammatory ointments. Little do they know that such ointments may contain chemicals that do more bad than good. Instead of rushing to medicines that are never free of counter indications, you should resort to Korean skin care moisturizers. These moisturizers are extracted from green sources that strengthens skin barrier. This as a result helps retain moisture & facilitates quick absorption of the product. When skin is rich in self producing oils, it forms great harmony with moisturizers applied topically.

Korean skin care moisturiser to treat patchy skin

Guerisson 9 Complex cream contains horse oil that has the same chemical formula, sebum has. Due to this chemical composition; it penetrates deep into skin tissues, quickens recovery, improves oil-moisture balance & keep your skin hydrated for the next 72 hours. To prevent flakiness, you may further speed up the process by layering it with Guerisson 9 Complex toner.

Korean Skin Care Home Remedies to Combat Patches of Dry Skin

  1. Twice in a week, apply oat meal and rub in circular motion. It contains natural fats that improve outer most lipid layer & keep it intact even when the weather is harsh and unforgiving.
  2. Once in a week, exfoliate using baby wash cloth with a mild exfoliator. Do not over scrub or else you will strip your skin off its natural oils.
  3. Replace bar soabs and harsh cleansers with mild, fragrance-free bubble cleansers. Korean skin care lays great stress on bubble cleansers as they deep cleanse the impurities & fetch toxins out of the skin without disturbing skins PH.
  4. Moisturize properly with the right product. Pat your skin completely dry before slathering a cream.

Acquiring smooth & radiant texture is possible to achieve with only one Korean skin care product. Trial is what considered essential though.