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Is it Necessary to Wear a Wig Cap under Cosplay Wig?

Cosplay wig cap

Cosplay wig cap

Wig caps have always been the point of a heated discussion. Although wearing a wig cap underneath cosplay wig does have added benefits, it remains a personal preference. You would see Hollywood style experts swearing by the comfort of a wig cap but your local stylist will say a big no. At the end of the day, its up to you to figure out whether or not you need a wig cap underneath your cosplay wig.

Benefits of Wearing a Wig Cap

  1. A wig cap provides your cosplay wig a base to glide on. It keeps the wig snug on place and prevents it from sliding off.
  2. Wig cap gives a structure to cosplay wigs which are otherwise way too flat. Wearing a cap tugs your natural hair in and makes it easier to pin them flat. Who likes to see your natural hair poking out of the cosplay wig when you are intentionally deciding to conceal it wearing a cosplay wig?
  3. People would fall for wig cap because it helps keeping your wig look new. It prevents your natural scalp oil and product buildup from hair to contaminate your cosplay wig.
  4. For people who have no hair and those who choose to wear cosplay wigs to hide baldness, a wig cap provides an extra layer. Not only does it prevent wig from scratching your scalp but also ensures a base for the wig.

Cons of Wearing a Wig Cap

  1. During summer, a wig cap may generate a lot of heat and sweating which may be embarrassing in public. Since it is made up of nylon and appears like a mesh liner it may be sometimes very uncomfortable to tolerate a wig cap. There are however capless wigs or open cap wigs such as lace front wigs that you may alternate with cosplay wigs during summer to avoid this issue. Lace front wigs are however slightly expensive due to the qualities they boast.
  2. A wig cap is also notoriously known to add to the already receding hair line. This is where many cosplayers would opt out.

Wearing a wig cap comes down to personal preferences. It may be the best choice for some whereas for others it could be the worst. Since it is nothing expensive you can get yourself a couple and experience if style matters to you the most or comfort!