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Tips for Wearing Cosmetic Contact Lenses in winter

cosmetic contact lenses in winter sports

Winter snow

Unlike glasses, contact lenses rarely get under the influence of climatic changes yet it is required to wear protective eye gear to safeguard your eyes & make cosmetic contact lenses work better. You won’t find your contacts to get fog up or wet as you step into heated environment or go down the town for a walk on a rainy day. However, cosmetic contact lenses are prone to getting dry. A blustery day may aggravate dryness which turns contacts uncomfortable. If you wish to continue wearing your cosmetic contact lenses throughout the winter season without any added annoyance, continue to read the tips below.

1.Invest in a Humidifier

Little did you know, this little gadget can solve dryness issues surprisingly. Central heating turns air dryer as it is responsible to wick away the moisture from the air. A humidifier will add the lost moisture in the air, keeping your body hydrated. As a result your eyes will stay moist and cosmetic contact lenses comfortable.

2.Wear Sunglasses

Ditch the concept that sunglasses are only for summer. Did you know ice and snow can reflect harmful UV rays even more intensely leading to sunburn? It is very important to wear protective eye gear even when its winter and overcast. Although some cosmetic contact lenses offer UV interception they can’t be as good in absorbing UV rays as are your sunglasses.

3. Rewetting Drops

Rewetting drops are always handy and convenient. They help rewet the surface of your eyes and provide the much needed moisture to your cosmetic contact lenses. As long as your contacts are floating swiftly, your eyes will stay fine.

4. Silicone Hydrogel Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Not all colored contacts are created equal. Cosmetic contact lenses with water content over 38% could be very comfortable in eyes but they dry up quickly. On the other hand, lenses made from silicone hydrogel material are not only comfortable, moisturising but are also very breathable for your eyes. They allow more oxygen unlike conventional contacts hence are known to be one of the most comfortable type of cosmetic contact lenses for everyone prone to dryness.

5. Cosmetic Contact Lenses for Winter Sports

Colored contact lenses can definitely push you to the winning edge as they improve visual acuity, ensure enhanced peripheral vision and depth perception. However, it is important you don’t look down upon your winter gear especially during the winter sports. Wear snow goggles or helmet etc during activities like snowboarding, skiing etc.

cosmetic contact lenses in winter sports

It may sound contradictory but dry eyes are more watery. Makes zero sense? Let’s make it easier to comprehend. When any external irritant comes in contact with your eyes including dry air, it will evaporate water and impact tear film adversely. To cope up, your tear reflex will be stimulated by your body’s defense mechanism. As a result, your eyes will begin to water, flushing contacts out. Keep your lens case with you handy. Rinse your contacts and you are ready to put them back again as usually!

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