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Colored Contacts don’t fit? Try Clear Contact Lenses!

clear contact lenses

Although colored contacts are fun way to change your eye color and safer than surgery, some patients find them uncomfortable due to medical reasons. Since colored contacts are thicker than clear contact lenses, they block oxygen permeation. If for some reasons, you can’t tolerate colored lenses, you must talk to your eye doctor about trying clear contact lenses. Certainly they are far better than glasses in terms of correcting vision and providing enhanced peripheral field of view.

What are Clear Contact Lenses?

Clear contact lenses correct your vision without changing your appearance. Most of the people resist wearing glasses as they feel heavy, always fidgeting & bothersome. Glasses are easy to get under the influence of changing weather. Not to mention how fogged & steamy glasses lead to hazy and blurred vision. Contrary to this, clear contacts are able to float swiftly on your cornea while improving visual acuity. While boasting zero awareness, clear contact lenses help your eyes breathe. They are thinner than colored lenses hence the most comfortable.

Which Clear Contact Lenses should I get for myself?

Clear contact lenses are available in daily disposable, bi-weekly and monthly replacement schedule. Although transparent they carry a handling blue or green tint. Handling tint enable you to spot on your clear contact lenses when inserting, taking off and soaking them back in the lens case for the next wear. In case you have got sensitive eyes, try daily disposable clear contact lenses or consult your eye doctor for the best option.

Benefits of Clear Contact Lenses

  1. Clear contact lenses from renowned brands such as Acuvue, Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb and Alcon offer UV interception, improved oxygen permeation and enhanced wettability that keep them moist in your eyes. Although clear contact lenses block some harmful rays, you still need to wear your protective eye gear. They are not a replacement of your standard pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses cover not only your eyes but also the surrounding area.
  2. Clear lenses are thinner as they contain no dyes. They are easier on your eyes than colored lenses. They are light weight hence are way more promising than your bulky conventional glasses.
  3. Clear contacts come in bulk supply. You only need to invest once and stay care-free for the rest of 30 days of the month.
  4. Want travel friendly lenses? Clear  lenses from Miru boast flat packaging that make it easier to store as many lenses as you want. The compact packaging allows you to travel with the bulk lenses so you wake up every day with crisp vision when you are exploring your dream destination!

Clear contact lenses are considered a healthier option over other counterparts as they are replaced more frequently. There are less risks of infections if you consult your eye doctor prior to purchasing your supply. Look your best, look natural with clear contact lenses!