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How to Avoid Ripping Contact Lenses?


If you continue ripping contact lenses; you need to improve your attitude not the brands. True that, ripping a contact lens is frustrating. Minimize the mental agony caused by torn/ripped contact lenses & follow what experts have to say.

3 Tips to Prevent Ripping Contact Lenses

First and foremost learn to behave with contact lenses. They are made of fragile & soft hydrophilic plastic. Mishandling them, tugging them or roughly treating your contact lens will rip it or deteriorate the shape.

1.Keep your Contacts Fully Soaked

It is crucial to stay alert of how your contacts are performing in the storage case. Keep them fully soaked in the solution because a dry lens is a damaged lens. A partially filled case will cause contact lens to adhere to the dry wall which risks tear whilst taking it out.

2.Unfolding a Folded Lens

Donโ€™t try to unfold a folded contact lens using your finger nails. Instead make a pool of solution in your palm, making the lens take a swim in it. Gently massage the submerged lens until the moisture helps opening the lens

3.Keep Nails Trimmed

Pinching them too hard from at the center when removing will rip them. Most of the accidental nicks are caused by jagged nails. Never use nails when handling contact lenses. Use thumb and index finger to slide contact lenses whilst removing them.

How to Remove a Stuck Torn Contact Lens?

Do not panic. This is the huge favor you could do to yourself. Wash your hands & lubricate your eyes enough using re wetting drops. Most probably all the pieces will flush out floating without causing any damage. In case you find some of the pieces stuck, try removing them using your thumb and forefinger.

Never continue to wear a torn/damaged contact lens not even if the nick is way too small. A ripped contact lens may scratch cornea. It also risks ocular infections & scarring. Talk to your doctor if you need further assessment. Sometimes changing the modulus of the contact lenses introduce better tolerance with increased comfort level.