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5 Tips: How to Prevent Ripping your Contact Lenses?


Contact lenses are made from soft fragile material- one wrong move can cause ripping in your circle contacts. It is very frustrating to keep tearing them especially if you are a student with a limited pocket money. Please note contact lenses don’t rip on their own. Improper handling with your circle lenses is the major contributor that tear them where dryness plays a critical role in cringing your lenses.

Reasons that Tear Circle Contact Lenses

  1. Keep a strict check on your lenses. They must always be fully soaked into the solution. If your lens case is partially filled with solution; contact lenses will possibly adhere to the dry wall causing notches at the edges.
  2. Be careful when removing circle lenses. Pinching them way too hard may tear them.
  3. Keep your finger nails trimmed and neatly filed. Any jagged or uneven edges may tear your soft contacts. When removing your lenses, make use of your thumb and index finger.
  4. If the lens gets accidentally folded, don’t try to pull it apart using your fingers as it may cause ripping. To unfold a folded lens, make a pool of saline solution or multi-purpose solution (whatever is available) & submerge your lens in it. Rub the lens gently using your thumb and finger and try to separate the folded edges.
  5. Never leave your lenses to dry. Dry lens is always a damaged lens. Even though in some cases dry lens can be reverted back to its original state once supplied immense moisture; it is advised to not to take risks. Sometimes nips are not visible to naked eye & yet may scratch the cornea.

Soft contact lenses are the most preferred choice among Americans. Since they are made from soft & advanced hydrogel material they let great deal of oxygen enter into your cornea that keep your eyes healthy & moist. With only little care, maintenance & attention towards your contacts; you can easily prevent ripping your circle contacts.