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Alternative Solutions for Rinsing & Cleaning Colored Contact Lenses

contact lenses solution

colored contact lenses solution

We all know the best solution to rinse, disinfect and store your lenses is the pharmacy made multi-purpose solution but it may not be readily available always. In case you are travelling or have run out of your multi-purpose storage solution you may use alternative methods to clean your colored contact lenses.

Top 3 Alternative Solutions to Clean Colored Contact Lenses

  1. Saline Solution

Store bought saline solution is sterile solution of distilled water and salt. Salt is able to kill microorganisms and germs to some extent but it cannot be relied upon on long term basis. While it may keep your lenses from drying out overnight, it cannot effectively remove mineral deposits & protein build up. As soon as you are out of the blind alley, we suggest you thoroughly rinse and disinfect your colored contact lenses using a disinfectant particularly made to disinfect contacts.

  1. Hydrogen Per Oxide

Hydrogen per oxide is extremely dangerous to your eyes so never put colored contact lenses soaked in hydrogen per oxide in eyes directly. Although it is considered one of the best cleaning solution, it is advised to follow precaution. There are special contact lens cases that contain a neutralising basket which convert hydrogen per oxide into water molecules and oxygen. This process make your colored contact lenses safe again to be worn. Some people are allergic to preservatives found in contact lens solutions so they are also directed by eye experts to use hydrogen per oxide instead. In case you have sensitive eyes and you can’t take the risk, please try switching to daily disposable contact lenses.

  1. Distilled Water

Experts strictly warn against storing or rinsing your colored contact lenses using plain tap water. Plain water contains many microorganisms such as the most heinous Acanthamoeba Keratitis. It’s a deadly virus that devours human cornea within 24 hours. The virus causes irrevocable damage before even the activity could be detected. On the other hand, distilled water has been boiled & then condensed to remove any traces of microorganisms or minerals. It can remove smudges from the surface of colored contact lenses and keep them from drying out but cannot absolutely prevent bacteria entering from eyes. However studies have shown contamination of colored contact lenses when used distilled water as maintenance. It is better to avoid it and if you must, please do it infrequently only at the time of emergency and discard your lenses for a replacement soon after.

Cleaning colored contact lenses is essential for complete eye health. Negligence may lead to severe eye infections leading to permanent vision loss. If you are concerned about maintaining colored contact lenses you can switch to daily disposable or get yourself a cleaning device to enjoy the liberty from having to clean your colored contacts everyday manually.