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Korean Skin Care: How to Fight winter Rash?

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korean skin care watering serum
Fighting Winter Rash

Attempting to achieve a clear complexion, we are guilty of over exfoliating our skin. As a result it turns thinner, scaly & dry. On the other hand, Korean goddesses flaunt flawless skin with a radiant rosy glow. The secret is nothing but “keeping skin hydrated”. During winter, hot & dry indoor air depletes skin barrier leading to moisture loss. To replenish skin of its lost moisture, it is important to incorporate right skin care products with potent active ingredients. Check out the list of Korean skin care products you need this winter to fight facial rash occurring due to dehydration.

Lifestyle Improvements help you Survive Winter

  • Invest in a humidifier to add moisture around you.
  • Bathe as less often as possible. Avoid using hot tub or hot showers since heat rips your natural oil-moisture balance.
  • Minimize the usage of chemical laden products. Use only organic Korean skin care products since Korean skin care products boast the heaviest natural component.
  • Limit the activities that decreases humidity such as sitting in front fire or spending too much time cooking in kitchen on direct heat.

Korean Skin Care Products to Prevent Winter Rash

Hydrating Serum: Winter rash is identified by inflamed skin that leaves your skin patchy and dehydrated. In worse situation, it comes flaking off making it difficult to apply any skin care product. It is an indication of depletion in lipid layer that causes moisture loss & leaves your skin dehydrated. As per Korean skin care experts, using Cloud9 All Alive Hydrating serum is essential since it contains active ingredients. The light consistency with smaller molecular formula let the product penetrate down, providing an instant boost of hydration.

Facial Oil: Facial oil has replaced quite a number of other skin care products. A facial oil is immensely hydrating. It does not only strengthen skin barrier but also softens your skin. Facial oils are emollients but not all face oils are non-comedogenic. Make sure you are using the right oil. Avoid synthetic & mineral oils. Begin with Apricot Kernel oil- its a head to toe moisturizer & a perfect winter savior!

facial oil to prevent winter rash

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Moisturize as Often as Needed: Moisturizing as often as needed helps locking in the moisture. It makes your skin retain water content & helps with oil-moisture balance. As per Korean skin care, it should be the last step of your everyday skincare regimen since it stays on top of the skin that is lipid layer (skin barrier that prevents damages from environment, chemicals, pollutants etc.)and prevents evaporation of all skin care products you apply underneath.

Cloud9 Blanc De Whitening cream

Bitter cold temperatures, low humidity and high wind allows moisture to escape depleting the lipid layer. It is important you make efforts to strengthen your skin barrier using a facial emollient or an oil and top it with a moisturizer. Korean skin care experts believe that using a serum is a personal choice though. It is a form of treatment so use only when you find your skin dehydrated whereas facial oil should be part of your everyday skin care routine.

Using the right Korean skin care products & with lifestyle improvements you can maintain a smooth texture & radiant complexion throughout the winter.