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4 Tights you need this winter to Keep you Warm & Sexy

colored tights

Tights are essential to keeping you warm and toasty. Tights are considered prestigious throughout winter because of the coverage they provide. Options with tights are infinite. Wear them under mini skirts, long hem dresses or pair your tights with uggs – the results every time will be fancy & appealing. Below we are sharing 4 tights you need to stock into your closet this season.

The Best Winter Tights- Stay Warm and Cute

1. High Denier Black Opaque Tights

black tights

Black plays the magic. If you prefer to stay modest & elegant, go for black opaque tights. These tights are timeless – providing the most of the coverage, they keep your legs warm hence perfect for environment with strict dress codes. They are best worn with dark and solid colors but playing around with a pop of colors a little now and then does not hurt.

2. Patterned Textured/Knitted Tights

textured tights for winter

You win winter if you know the art of combining different textures together. Knitted ones affect us psychologically & provide warmth through the variations in texture in our clothing. They feel denser whereas the pattern adds a retro look that we always love to welcome

3. Sheer Tights

alexa chung sheer tights

When it is a half and half show, wear sheer tights in neutral colors. They provide coverage yet let your legs peep through. When you don’t want to conceal the fact that how toned are your legs yet can’t afford to go bare legs due to unforgiving snow, wear sheers.

4. Colored Tights

colored tights

Colored tights make you feel cheerful. Either create a strong contrast with your tights or match it with the rest of your outfit. You never go wrong with colored tights!

Need more coverage? Wear socks over tights to trap in the heat!