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Dry Eyes: The Best Eye Drops for Colored Contact Lenses

Rewetting Eye drops for colored contact lenses

Rewetting Eye drops for colored contact lenses

Not eye drops are created equal. Although, you may find a variety of eye drops claiming to relieve eye strain; these may be not safe enough to be used with colored contact lenses. Eye drops are categorized into three main classes depending on what they offer. People with dry eyes do not produce enough tears to help float the contacts. Eye drops meant to ease dryness with contact lenses (rewetting drops) may help reduce the discomfort you feel while wearing colored contact lenses.

If my Eyes are Dry, Why donโ€™t I always have to Use Eye Drops?

Sometimes it is not your eyes that behave awkwardly but contact lenses. Colored contact lenses with 55% water content and above may get dry too fast. These lenses are considered comfortable as they contain more moisture than others. This is the reason they need enough lubrication. Colored contact lenses with a higher degree of water when get dried up, pulls water from your eyes in an effort to staying moist. Hence, using rewetting or lubricating drops become mandatory. Or alternatively, you can try switching to hydrogel contact lenses. The water loving polymers; these contacts are made from, keep your eyes hydrated throughout the course of the day.

How do I know I have Dry Eyes Syndrome?

Dry eyes are caused by an inadequate quantity of tears. An imbalanced tear film is also an indication of dry eye syndrome.

Tear film is comprised of three layers i.e. water, fatty oil and mucus. A disturbance in any of these 3 layers can lead to potential discomfort. Dry eyes make it impossible for a patient to tolerate colored contact lenses without facilitating enough tear production. Rewetting drops or artificial tears that are formulated to be used with colored contact lenses help your eyes breathe through. Any other types of eye drops may cloud your contacts leading to hazy vision.

Rohto C cube eye drops are better known for its triple action formula i.e. Clear, Care, Comfort. These eye drops relieve redness, itching and burning sensation caused by wearing colored contact lenses & provide an instant cooling effect to soothe the inflamed eyes. Unlike other eye drops; you can instill these without having to remove your contacts. They form a thin veil over cornea which protect the tear film from quick evaporation.

The other variants such as “get the red out” and dry eye drops that are incompatible with contacts may coat the surface of contacts with its fairly thick formula. It is advised to always talk to your doctor if you fear you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome. Common symptoms could include burning, itching sensation, head ache, gritty and hazy vision, inflammation and an intolerance towards colored contact lenses.

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