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Things you don’t do with Synthetic Wigs

Things to avoid with synthetic wigs

Things to avoid with synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are always here to rescue us whenever we need to elaborate our style. They come inexpensive yet effortlessly add bounce, volume and length to our own hair. Unfortunately, most of the women cause irrevocable damage to their natural hair by using synthetic wigs way too often and way too carelessly. Synthetic wigs when used without caution can be very unforgiving and may leave you with an irritated scalp and a receding hairline. You may also notice an increased hair fall since friction caused by wigs hamper hair growth.

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Things to Avoid when Wearing Synthetic Wigs

1.Never Skip a Wash

It is commonly misunderstood by the masses of women that wearing synthetic wigs mean neglecting your own hair. Contrary to this belief; wigs require you to be in the best of your hygiene. A messy head with sebum produce stinks your scalp and also reduce the lifespan of your wig. It is important you wash your hair with a conditioning shampoo & moisturize it before donning a wig.

2. Never Wear Synthetic Wigs Directly

Wigs damage your hair by being rubbed against them. It is important you wear a wig liner to prevent your hair from direct damage. A mesh wig cap helps your hair breathe while you are wearing a wig. It also provides a flat surface for your wig to firmly grip on.

3. Never Leave your Hair Undone under Synthetic Wigs

You simply just cannot wear a wig unless you do your natural hair. Make sure your own hair are weaved, braided or done in cornrows. This prevents hair breakage from being tugged under a wig. It keeps your hair neat & frizz free.

4. Never Wear a Wrong Wig Size

Never wear wigs that are not your size. Too tight wigs can cause discomfort at nape. Same goes with wigs that are a bigger size. They fidget causing friction that leads to hair loss. Synthetic wigs come with hair combs and adjustable straps. When both are available; try adjusting your wigs with straps only since these tiny clips are associated with hair breakage.

Synthetic wigs are perfect to change your style temporarily. The options are infinite; long, curly, beachy waves, heavy pompadours etc. You can even get a timeless bob without chopping your hair off. Make the most of your wigs by taking care of them.