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Do Colored Contacts Fade in Color?

colored contacts fading

colored contacts fading

Time takes a toll on everything. Colored contacts definitely fade followed by degradation in their molecular structure. Fortunately, soft contact lenses of all types are frequently replaced- replaced sooner enough before they even start to fade. Unless you see your colored contacts losing dyes/ pigmentation before they meet the expiry, there is nothing to worry about. However, should you see any discoloration; immediately halt using the affected contact lenses. Chances are that you might have been fallen a victim to a counterfeit product.

Why my Colored Contacts are fading their Color?

These days counterfeit market has become so sophisticated in copying famous brands that even expert buyers are finding it hard to discriminate fake from genuine. Donโ€™t fall prey to counterfeit forgery and make sure you are buying authentic colored contacts. Be very specific and clear at head since fake colored contacts could be highly damaging to your eyes & vision.

Sometimes legit colored contacts from a genuine brand will begin to fade the color that becomes apparent while they are soaking in the solution. Although rare with colored contacts approved from FDA, such occurrences should be immediately taken notice of. Usually over-wearing your colored contacts past their expiry lead to decomposition in the molecular structure. This causes discoloration.ย  Contacts that have been compromised to chemicals, makeup, SFX components & polluting environment also bear unusual tints that are given below

Yellowish brownOver-wearing
Brown hueRinsed with tap water (containing high iron content)
Yellow & BlueCosmetics buildup
PinkMedicines ( VB12, improper eye drops, antibiotics)
Reddish-BrownContact lenses of smoker
White & bright greyProteins, lipids, fungi, medications

As per a study, using incompatible products such as hydrogen per oxide & eye drops that are not safe to be used with colored contacts may also lead to discoloration. True that hydrogen per oxide is considered one of the best cleaning solutions; you need to observe strict precautions mentioned here when rinsing your contacts with the said solution. Without neutralising your contacts, it could be highly dangerous to use contacts that have just been rinsed using hydrogen per oxide.

KFDA and ISO approvedย  contacts are manufactured using sandwich printing technology where the pigment is kept sandwiched between two layers. This prevent any dyes coming in contact with your eyes. This is done to make sure the pigments do not bleed through the lens. It is not a very usual sight to have colored contacts fading provided you are frequently replacing them as per the manufacturerโ€™s instructions. Should you notice any irregularities with lenses, please contact supplier and meet your doctor as soon as possible.