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How to Grow Hair Healthy when Wearing Synthetic Wigs?

growing hair with synthetic wigs

growing hair with synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs come in a variety of styles and sizes. With so many of the options available from full wigs to 3/4th and lace front wigs; it is almost impossible to resist wearing synthetic wigs. However, women who wear synthetic wigs for style enhancement are often observed fretting about their own hair being damaged. This is a matter of concern but measures taken at the right stage help prevent hair loss.

How to Keep Hair Healthy with Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic wigs are to save you from those bad hair days. This however must not come at the cost of your own hair. Unless initiatives are taken to keep hair safe when wearing synthetic wigs; you will see increased hair fall, weakening roots & dryness. Try the following the next time you wear synthetic wigs and we bet you will see your hair growing even faster!

Cornrows your Hair under Synthetic Wigs

Either wear a wig cap or let go of it. Wig caps can be uncomfortable sometimes as they are associated with scratching your scalp and leaving your hair dry. Wig liners are a personal preference so you can go for an alternate. Tying your hair in cornrows keeps your hair neat and provides an even surface for a wig to glide on.

Choose a Right Wig

Synthetic wigs are always cheaper than human hair wigs. You don’t need to break your banks unless you are suffering from a medical condition, which limits you to using only human hair wigs. In case you are suffering from a receding hairline, prefer lace front wigs on full lace wigs. This saves you money and your hair both.

Moisturize your Scalp

We agree you wear a wig everyday to work but this does not mean you start neglecting your own hair. Moisturising your scalp is mandatory when you are wearing a wig daily since wigs limits the blood flow & obstructs oxygen supply. If you stop oiling the roots, wigs will leave your head scratch-y & irritated.

Seal in the Moisture

Your ends are as important as are your hair roots. Apply olive, coconut or grapeseed oil to seal in the moisture. These oils strengthen the cuticle without leaving it greasy.

Regular Trimming

Wearing synthetic wigs on regular basis does make your hair frizzy. Have regular trimming sessions at your hairdresser to avoid looking dishevelled off the wig.

Putt off at the Bed

Never wear wigs when off to bed. Wearing wigs while you lay down to sleep will increase friction as a result you will see a lot of hair shedding on your pillow the next morning. Sleeping with wigs also damage your hairpieces and make them stubborn to any further treatment.

lace front synthetic wigs

Not all synthetic wigs are created equal. Cheap wigs will continue wreaking havoc no matter how conspicuously careful you are. Invest in supreme quality lace front wigs that add glorious bounce and style to your natural hair and that too very subtly.

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