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3 Korean Skin Care Cleansing Secret every Woman must know

Korean skin care cleansing routine

Korean women maintain a flawless texture by following a daily cleansing ritual as recommended by the Korean skin care experts. Yes, they do apply a dozen of Korean skin care products that not everyone can afford. Fortunately, you can glow the same way just by picking up on couple of products and following the method they cleanse their skin. Korean skin care regimen emphasizes a lot on the method of application; neglecting which you will be disappointed about the results you might have expected.

Korean Skin Care Cleaning Tips

In Korean skin care, more is less. The greatest concern for Korean women is to heal the skin from within. This cannot be achieved unless special efforts are made to cleanse the skin thoroughly. We need to realize that water and oil do not mix. Therefore, washing your face over and over again with water is not going to make any difference until your pores are squeaky clean from impurities โ€“ makeup residuals, dead skin cells & surface dirt.


Ask a Korean goddess about the secret of impeccable skin texture and they will speak mysterious numerals 4-2-4. It is a 3 step cleansing method where you wash you face for four minutes using an oil cleanser. Oil cleanser helps you get rid of stubborn makeup deposits & breaking down impurities i.e. secretion produced by your oil glands. This is followed by washing your face using a foaming face wash for 2 minutes. Finally you rinse your face with luke warm water & then with cold water for about 2 minutes each & 4 mins in total. This routine takes care of thorough cleansing & also help reducing appearance of enlarged pores.

Follow 10 Second Rules

After you wash your face, the next step you must pay attention is โ€œlocking in the moisturizerโ€. Always apply your toner within 10 seconds of washing your face. The more you delay, the more dehydrated your skin becomes. When applying any product on skin, make sure you rub it slightly to warm it on your palm using finger pads. Donโ€™t slather but use patting motion to help the product get readily absorbed.


To moisturize skin Korean women sport several different products from separate day & night creams to serums with active ingredients and watered down essences. Some women take moisturizing a step further by using ampoules to achieve supple & firm texture. Out of this huge list, Korean beauty experts stress most on using essences. Korean skin care essence is able to penetrate deep into the skin for immediate repair of the damaged tissues. As a result, you get a healthy skin from within that is radiant & rosy.

Korean women are envied globally for their beautiful skin & glowing texture. By adopting Korean skin care products we hope you will be able to feel the satisfaction of skin that glows from within!