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How Often Should Contact Lens Cases Be Replaced? : The Forgotten Eye Care Routine

What are the best practices contact lens users need to know? Does it stop at only replacing your contact lens on time ? There are more to just replacing your lenses to keep your eyes at optimum safety. Often, many overlook the step of also replacing their lens case hence, turning a blind eye to this routine.

Are you one of them? If you find yourself nodding your head, this article is a MUST READ for you ! We will be finding out the 3 W’s and 1 H – why, when, where and how in regards to the importance of changing your contact lens case.

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

WHEN Should Your Case Be Replaced?

We totally get the pain of keeping track of the duration of usage of certain things. Without a doubt, many people value getting the full use of an item maxing out its lifespan. However, for the sake of avoiding any damage caused to your eyes, do you know exactly when your contact lens case needs to be replaced?

Ideally, your cases should be replaced at a maximum usage of 3 months once. However, it is also important to take note that in any situation your contact lens case is damaged, it should be heading for the trash.

WHY Do I Need To Replace My Contact Lens Cases?

While we definitely agree that some things are meant to be maximised on the usage for the good cause of saving the earth, sadly it has to be discouraged from doing so with your lens cases. And why is that so?

how often to replace contact lens case

You may wonder to yourself, “but I change my solution every time I remove my lens from my eyes !”. Yes, indeed changing the solution makes a difference, however the bacteria remains within the case. It starts off with your daily touch from your fingers or your hands to the surrounding environment which leads to bacterias formed.

Because most people keep their contact lens case in the bathroom, the chances of contamination is high. Bacteria grows quicker in a humid condition like your bathroom, so while the convenience of accessing your lens makes sense to you, it puts you at a greater risk for an eye infection.

Other than that, scientific data collected from different research studies also shows that contact lens cases develop a bio-film over time. The slimy gunk formed harbours bacterias leading to the transfer on your contact lenses.

Hence, though it may not be visible, but this are things you ought to know about contact lens care. Find out more here.

HOW To Maintain Optimum Hygiene of Your Contact Lens Case?

So how do you reach an optimum practice of keeping your eye hygiene to perfection?

There are two main routine you need to reminded to follow when being a contact lens user.

Sanitised Your Contact Lens Case

As per eye care professionals, it is recommended to have them rinsed using sterile solution that you use on your contact lenses. Strictly DO NOT RINSE THEM WITH TAP WATER OR PURIFIED WATER as they contain micro-organism that can lead to serious eye condition or worse, a loss of vision.

Time needed:Β 5 minutes.

How to Sanitised Your Contact Lens Case?

  1. Finger Tips Hygiene

    Have your case rinsed after you disinfect your finger tips thoroughly.

  2. Replace Solution

    Dispose the solution from the wells of the case and pour a few drops again.

  3. Rub & Rinse

    Rub it for at least five seconds using the tip of your finger as an extra step of “Rub & Rinse”. This will effectively remove the biofilm that is not visible to the naked eye.

  4. Fill It

    After rinsing the contact lens case, fill each chamber with the sterile solution to the brim.

  5. Repeat

    Repeat your steps with the lids. For every cleansing cycle, use a fresh supply of solution to do so.

  6. Dry It

    Then, leave your case to dry face down on a paper towel before putting your caps on again.

Store Them In The Right Place

As per mentioned earlier, contact lens cases are highly prone to contamination. It is important to be reminded that bacteria thrives in damp and humid environment. Therefore, your lens cases should not be stored in the bathroom or wherever that it is deem humid.

The best place to have your contact lens case stored is in your room where there is no access to direct sunlight. Heat from the sunlight may cause defect to your contact lens while being stored in the case.

Top both routines with a round of reading the instructions from the manufacturer of your contact lens and solution. This will ensure you of the things you must know before putting them on.

WHERE Can I Get More Lens Cases?

After all that talk about the do’s and don’ts of your contact lens cases, we hope it generates a concern to have equal care to the usage of your contact lens as well as the case.

So, when buying annual replacement contact lenses, remember to order enough of the cases. Or if you need something fancy, head on to our website and take your pick at our unique accessories for your contact lens.

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